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Streetwear vs Sportswear: What Does Ellesse Do Best?

Watching streetwear and sportswear mix and match in the last few years has made people wonder if they blend into a single fashion style. While sportswear has become a significant part of streetwear fashion, many gigantic sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas have used this to introduce their own streetwear urban collections. How have Ellesse brand designers shown that they understood the assignment?

Adding innovation and style to the design of sportswear was the reason Ellesse started existing in the first place. This made launching lounge sportswear and casual pieces so easy for this brand that Ellesse clothes became the iconic epitome of sports streetwear brands. The question is, what does Ellesse do best? To understand this, we must first learn the differences between streetwear and sportswear.

Defining Streetwear

Streetwear fashion

Streetwear has made its entry into fashion back in the 90s as the ultimate skatewear among young people. Since then, it’s been gaining more and more followers. What was considered clothing for young people in the past, nowadays, has found its way into the wardrobe of people of all ages. It’s been less about the clothes only and more about culture. Casual, comfortable and oversized pieces are the recognisable sign of streetwear clothes. They provide a unique way for the person who wears them to say this is who I am, without saying anything. This statement-making style found its way into many fashion styles, and nowadays, there’s streetwear-inspired clothing everywhere.

Sportswear has always found its place in streetwear. That’s because sports culture is a part of the streetwear culture and its broad and versatile range allows for sports clothes to fit in. But can we say the same about streetwear making its way to sportswear?

Defining Sportswear

Streetwear and sportwear

As the name suggests, sportswear is made for sports. Originally, it was apparel designed for exercise and physical activity. Sports clothes are often made of comfortable fabrics that allow for free movements as you engage in activities that raise your heart rate and make you sweat. The fact that we find people wearing yoga pants and hoodies all the time confirms that sportswear can be used as casual wear. How about the other way around?

Streetwear can also be worn for working out and sports activities, although this highly depends on its material. Not all streetwear is made of exercise-friendly fabrics, resulting in injuries and discomfort. And, it’s not just the fabrics but the overall style of streetwear that we need to consider. Streetwear is typically worn loose and layered for added style and aesthetics. Loose clothes can easily get in our way during an exercise. This makes them not the best choice for training.

It all comes down to checking on the streetwear materials and styles and seeing if they can be applied to exercising. Streetwear brands also hint at this; for example, luxury brands are usually made of delicate materials prone to wear and tear.

So, we can say that both sportswear and streetwear are similar but not interchangeable. The best way to distinguish them is by how they function.

The Double Nature of Ellesse

Ellesse sportswear tennis

Brand History

Born in a family of textile merchants, young Leonardo Servadio dreamt of available sportswear that suited his style and aesthetics. Later on, he started as a tailor in his hometown in Perugia, Italy, and decided to apply what he already knew to redefine sportswear, and that’s how Ellesse was born in 1959.

Leonardo had many great ideas, the name of the brand being one of them. Ellesse comes from the Italian pronunciation of his initials LS. While today branded wear is common, back then and even later till the 90s, it wasn’t a popular concept. Part of Ellesse’s legacy contains the popularisation of the branded logo.

In the very beginning, Ellesse made sportswear for two common Italian sports: tennis and skiing. The tailored approach made designs like the ski jet pant so iconic and innovative. Today, 60 years later, tennis and ski apparel are still part of the Ellesse clothes and its semi palla logo, combining tennis ball and ski tips. However, the brand is a fashion brand as it’s a sports one.

Reasons Why Ellesse Is So Popular

Ellesse clothes

Perfect Fit

Ellesse clothing is proof that style and comfort can coexist together. Their breathable fit is neither too tight nor too loose, prioritising comfort and freedom of movement. This makes it the perfect fit for both exercising and lounging. That’s just one of the reasons why this clothing brand is so popular.

A Meeting of Styles

Ellesse was a pioneer in implementing tailoring to sportswear’s design and manufacturing process. And even 60 years later, some people still can’t get over this. Yet, many stylists and artists today see this technical and cultural crossover between tailoring and sportswear as a win. So do most people, and that’s what it counts.

Comeback in Retro Style

It’s not a secret that Ellesse spent the last decade completely forgotten and ignored in favour of more prominent sports brands that took this advantage to monopolise the markets. However, it’s coming back at big doors, reviving and exceeding its initial success in the 80s and 90s. And it’s doing in it a nostalgic retro style. Knowing how both millennials and gen Zs feel about this period, it’s obvious why Ellesse is a popular choice for street and sportswear.

Most Popular Ellesse Clothing Pieces

Ellesse clothes for womens

The retro track top and pant for men and women, available in multiple colours, is an all-time must-have. So are the padded jackets, the synonym of the Ellesse design. The Ellesse women’s leggings and sports bra are the ultimate exercise outfit. Paired with a hoodie and sneakers, they quickly become the perfect casual day-to-day wear. Search for Ellesse Australia retailers for the latest collections and make comfort and style meet for you too.


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