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Direct Drive Vs. Belt Drive Compressor

The air compressors have been introduced over 100 years ago, and these machines have been used for a variety of applications where compressed air is needed. Over the years, the air compressors have been significantly improved, and today they are crucial machines for many industry sectors. Their range of suitable applications is also increased, and they can be seen everywhere. Even the DIY enthusiasts consider the air compressors as must-have items, because these machines are very helpful for home projects.

When it comes to buying an air compressor, you might get confused from the extensive range of air compressors available on the market. Although all models compress atmospheric air for further use, not all air compressors work in the same way. The most common air compressors are the direct drive and the belt drive air compressor. While the direct drive compressor is used for simple tasks, the belt drive air compressor is generally used in workshop and industrial facilities for more delicate jobs and applications.


Unlike the direct drive compressor, the belt driven air compressor operates very quietly because it uses oil. The belt drive air compressor has an exceptional design with pulleys and belts and it creates less vibration (ergo, noise) from the motor. In addition to delivering a greater amount of compressed air, the belt drive compressors are also cost-effective, require less maintenance and are less prone to breakdowns and other major failures.

The direct drive air compressor is an oil-free solution, which makes it ideal for occasional and home projects. With low operating costs, the direct drive compressors are more cost-efficient than the belt drive compressors. But not only for do-it-yourself projects, many professionals prefer to use the direct drive compressors for other more complicated tasks. The direct drive compressor can be adjusted according to the application or amount of compressed air that is needed. However, the biggest advantage of direct drive air compressors is that they do not use oil when creating compressed air.

To make the right decision, consider whether you need portability, high air volume or low-cost operation. Also, keep in mind to avoid high speed aluminum pumps, because they have a relatively short service life. This article can help you choose between direct drive or belt drive air compressor.