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Make a Statement: Tips for Accessorizing with Women Hats

You think Pharrell Williams brought the hat as a major statement accessory into the wardrobe closet of stylish women? Nope, it was not him for sure, but you’re not far from the truth. When Pharrell first started showing up with hats in unusual forms, the fashion scene went nuts for it! And how wouldn’t it, when he managed to combine those hats in the fanciest ways possible while serving as an inspiration for all fashionistas world-wide.

Hats have always been present in woman closets, maybe not always as accessories, but as inevitable pieces you use in winter for protection from the cold, or in summer for protection from the burning sun. Today however, women hats range in all forms, colours and materials, and are seen more as a fashion accessory than a piece you’d wear for any other purpose. That’s why there are big chances you’d see a woven beanie combined with a cotton skirt in spring.
Having in mind the era of street style and the fact that styles nowadays are just so easily combined, you can create some really eye-catchy combinations using women hats as accessories. Just follow some really simple rules, as suggested by style bloggers.

The beanie can go perfectly with a leather skirt and sneakers

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Just think Rihanna. This girl knows how to combine winter-like woven beanies with leather skirts and sneakers. It’s a complete, rap-like look that you can rock during the day or even for nights out. And it’s no longer just a simple ‘skirt with sneakers’ outfit – with the beanie added to it, the entire vision becomes a lot fancier, more eye-appealing and head-turning. Yup, you’ll definitely get spotted by those street style photographers who are always on the look for something their camera will simply love.

If you want a baseball cap, choose a leather one

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The baseball cap isn’t always seen as an accessory, but when you have one made of fancy materials like leather, silk details and decorations like zirconia stones, you can’t resist combining it with an outfit and hit the streets, right? These types of baseball caps can be worn with your casual clothes, and even for creating an outfit for a night-out in the city. Just look how Selita Ebanks uses the sophistication of the leather cap to combine it with leather boots and a nice dress:

If you don’t have a fedora, now is the time to get one

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The fedora has become a huge hit! Whenever you feel your white shirt and jeans combination is dull, add a coloured fedora on your head to break the monotony. Even better – you can match it with your coat or boots and handbag. A piece of advice: be careful when you buy your fedora because the brim can range in length and the wrong length for your head form could easily break the whole look of the outfit. Make sure you know upfront if your head shape and face form can support a hat like the fedora.
Bottom line, you don’t have to be all nervous when you have to go out, and your hair is a complete mess. When you have all the right women hats in your closet, your bad hair days will no longer be a significant issue and your outfits will be anything but boring.