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King Vs. Queen Size Bed – What’s the Difference

Comfortable space for sleeping is probably the most important factor that contributes to quality sleep. To be specific, what matters the most is the mattress. Getting a mattress of the right size, material and outstanding feature is important. Whether shopping for a mattress online or offline, know beds and automatically mattresses are classified by size. Most common ones are the king size and queen size beds.


How to know which type of bed is best for you? To determine whether you should buy king size or a queen size bed you need to consider the amount of space you need for a comfortable sleep. Given this, regardless what your preferences are, you must make sure the mattress you buy will be longer and wider than the actual space you and your partner need for sleeping.

To make it more clear, we’ve made a comparison between king and queen size beds, which is applicable no matter if you buy mattress online or offline.

King Size Bed

  • Width: 198 cm
  • Length: 203 cm
  • Appropriate bedroom: large bedrooms

Advantages: One of the main advantage of the king size bed is the big space available. This bed gives you enough space to spread out comfortably, thus is perfect for couples. Also, this bed will help you achieve more balance in the bedroom when combined with other furniture pieces.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of this bed is the fact that it takes up a lot of space in a room. Therefore, if your bedroom is small, do not king size. Also, this bed is more difficult for moving since it’s heavier in comparison with the queen size bed.


Queen Size Bed

  • Width: 152 cm
  • Length: 203 cm
  • Appropriate bedroom: smaller bedrooms

Advantages: Queen size bed best suits smaller rooms and leaves more space available for additional furniture pieces. For this reason you can fit this bed in both, your bedroom and a guest room. The queen size bed is good for couples and for sleeping alone. This bed size offers more advantages in terms of fitting in bedrooms with limited spice.

Disadvantages: The queen size bed is not the best option for taller people who look for a maximum comfort when sleeping is a matter of concern. Also, the queen size bed will make it difficult for you to achieve balance in bigger room.

Knowing the size of the bed you plan to buy or the one you already own, will help you a lot in making the right mattress selection regardless whether you shop for mattress online or offline.