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Kim Kardashian perfume vs Selena Gomez perfume

Nowadays, perfumes are inevitable accessory for both men and women. Our personality and who we are is very much reflected in the fragrance we wear. Many people may not

notice the new fashionable dress we put on, but simply cannot ignore the fragrance – the power of a scent simply cannot stay unnoticed. A perfume is to our skin what clothing is to our body. Therefore, it is important to find that perfect scent; that most suitable perfume that will truly describe us, our personality and reveal our true beauty.

With this said, lets review few fragrances that are becoming more and more popular. Today we will make a comparison on Kim Kardashian perfume vs Selena Gomez perfume.
After the success of her first perfume launched in 2009, Kim Kardashian proudly presented her second fragrance “Gold” in 2011.


Gold” is a rich, luxurious and luscious scent. It is designed for hot summer and begins with a burst of bergamot, pink pepper and grapefruit. The heart of this popular perfume is exclusive floral bouquet of jasmine, violet and delicate rose while the base combines aromas of amber, patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin. Aside from its luxurious scent featuring an elegant and warm veil of musk, perfume is packed in a glamorous bottle.

On the other side we have Selena Gomez who launched her own fragrance in 2012. Selena Gomez’s fragrance is floral and fruity and primarily designed for younger women. It is above all fresh, rich, delightful, warm and enchanting. The top notes of peach, raspberry, orange and pineapple perfectly blend with the heart notes of purple freesia, musk and blackberry highlighting the base notes of vanilla, chocolate, amber and coconut.

Kim Kardashian’s ‘Gold’ is more feminine, sensual and sexy. It’s beautiful scent is the right choice for women who like to feel in control. Selena Gomez’s perfume, on the other hand, is more sweet just like Selena herself and is suitable for younger women and all occasions.

Customers’ reviews for both Kim Kardashian’s and Selena Gomez’s fragrances are positive. However, have in mind that Selena’s perfume is more suitable for teenagers, while Kardashian’s fragrance is ideal for bringing out your true sensuality.