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Synthetic Vs. Cotton Girls Tops


Nowadays we hear so much about the organic cotton clothes that many of us wonder what are the benefits of using cotton over synthetic clothing for our kids. If you take a little time to research online, you will see that many girls clothes online Australia retailers offer organic clothing and advertise girls tops made from cotton as a safer option for your children. Is there really a difference between cotton and synthetic girls tops, or is this just a powerful new way companies publicize their products to increase revenue?

When you shop for any girls clothes online, it’s always better to look for pieces made out of cotton since kids have very sensitive skin which can be easily irritated from the synthetic colors and chemicals. Choosing cotton girls tops would be a better choice because the natural fiber is grown without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticides that can irritate kids’ skin and cause different allergies. Synthetic clothing goes through many different chemical processes that damage fibers by adding formaldehyde resins, chemical dyes and many other chemicals that can cause rushes, allergies, skin irritations and in some extreme cases can even cause blindness. Yes, as majority of us, you too never think about the clothing manufacturing process when you shop for girls tops, pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, etc. Maybe it is time to consider this to ensure complete safety of your kids.

What makes cotton clothing better then synthetic is the fact that it lasts longer. You can easily see the difference after the second or third wash since the synthetic clothing begins to brake down due to the dying, bleaching and scouring. On the other hand, cotton girls tops, pants, shirts, dresses, etc. would last longer because the fabric fibers haven’t been treated with any harsh chemicals. Also, cotton clothing doesn’t leave tiny strands that can affect your kids respiratory tracks and cause even asthma. Therefore, the next time you are browsing online for girls tops, leggings, skirts, etc., make sure the clothing is made of cotton. Moreover, always buy from highly rated girls clothes online Australia retailers. You can easily learn about certain retailer from customers’ reviews. What a better way to know if a particular girls clothes online Australia retailer carries genuine items than from other caring moms.

When it comes to your kids, you want to buy comfortable clothes that will allow their skin to breath. You should always have this in mind when buying girls clothing. Cotton clothes are safe to wear and highly breathable. It’s know that kids skins is thinner than the adult skin, which means it’s more vulnerable. Whether buying girls tops or skirts, you should look for the cotton ones since they will not cause any irritation to your kids’ skin like will most synthetic clothing.