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Men’s Fashion: How to Find Your Personal Style

Finding your personal style takes up a lot of time and experimenting but it’s totally worth it. You need to add a personal touch to the way you dress so you can stand out from the crowd and feel more yourself. Style can tell much about a person and you need to think about what message you want to send across. You don’t have to blindly follow the current trends because you can get lost along the way. You need something unique, something that speaks to your taste and goes well with your overall image.

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Here are several ideas on how to begin your journey towards becoming your best self.

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment with Jewellery

Men usually stay away from jewellery because they don’t think that it suits them. But adding one or several pieces can make a big difference. You don’t have to wear earrings if they make you uncomfortable but you can choose man bracelets to kick your style up a notch. The reason why you should start with them is that they are the simplest accessory to combine with your clothing.

Wearing bracelets can make you appear more approachable and they always draw attention. Bracelets can be found in many designs so you can definitely find the pieces that best match your style. Leather men bracelets are the preferred choice for many. They are subtle yet eye-catching and their versatile design makes them suitable for casual and more elegant wear. They can be simple, braided, layered, or have elaborate detailing.

Rope and beaded bracelets are popular because of their ability to be transformed and adjusted to your style. They look great when you stack more of them together and you can even make one yourself. The beads can be made of different materials and some natural stones are believed to have healing abilities.

Metal man bracelets are the sophisticated pieces you were looking for. They can be as thin or as thick as you need them to be. You can go for fashionable chains that come in different metal colours or pick a bold metal cuff bracelet to make a statement.

There’s no rule about on which wrist to wear men bracelets. Some prefer them on their dominant hand but others find it hard to perform tasks if they have a bracelet on that hand. One popular trend is wearing a bracelet with your watch. It can emphasise the watch and make it more modern. Just make sure that they complement each other. You should look for a man bracelet that has similar colours and materials as your watch.

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Feel Free to Include Colour in Your Clothing

Most men are reluctant when it comes to colours. They usually stick to the classic black, white, and grey but what they don’t realise is the power that colours have. Including just one colourful piece can elevate your entire outfit. You can create a neutral colour base that will be the staple of your style and then throw in several items in colour.

Not every colour will flatter you, and that’s okay. Not everyone can pull off orange or red. You need to experiment and see what you like. There are even certain colours that go better with certain skin tones. You’ll just need one piece that stands out from the rest of the clothes that you’re wearing.

Begin with Classic Items If You Don’t Want to Take Risks

If you don’t know where to start from, begin with the basics. Your closet is probably full of clothes that you don’t wear because there are so many choices and you can’t really find anything to wear because they are hard to combine. For this reason, you need basic, classic items that can help you create the staple of your wardrobe.

Stay clear from trendy items because they’re usually hard to mix. Buy things that you know how to wear and that you’re comfortable wearing. You don’t have to go and get a men’s hat that you’re totally unfamiliar with and you’re not sure how it would fit you. Learn the basics first and later on incorporate different items to see whether they will work with the style that you’re going for.

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Look for Inspiration and Advice

If there’s an actor or singer that you think dresses well, follow them on social media. If you see something that you like, save that photo for later. In this way, you’ll be inspired to try new things and you’ll have some good examples that you can follow.

Also, don’t be shy to ask for advice. If you know someone who has a great style or you like a piece that someone wears, ask them how they plan their outfits and where they get their inspiration. You can get some helpful tips that can be of help.

Go for Quality and Find the Right Fit

We tend to think that quality items are expensive, which is true most of the time. But still, there are affordable brands that offer good-quality pieces. You should look for clothes that will stand the test of time because it doesn’t matter if you bought something cheaper if it tears after a few washes. So, you want the best quality that you can get for your budget.

Whatever you wear, make sure it’s comfortable. Don’t buy things just for the sake of fashion. But be careful, you don’t want “comfortable” to be “baggy”. Getting the right fit can make even the most basic outfit seem nice and stylish. You need to find your body type and look for items that work well with that particular shape.