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Christian Dior Vs Dolce And Gabbana

Christian-DiorChoosing the right perfume is never easy even though we all have certain preferences towards scents that suit us the most. Usually people stick to one perfume for a longer period of time, but at a certain point feel it is time for a change. Knowing the costs of a quality famous brand perfume, do a research and choose wisely. With the rising power of the internet, various information can easily be found for almost everything including customers’ reviews of all perfumes available on the market. Read on our comparison on the two renown perfume brands: Christian Dior and D&G fragrances. Both are very popular, not only in the perfume industry but in fashion world as well. When it comes to a price tag, the difference is not sufficient enough to choose one over another but rather their scent.


Christian-Dior-perfumeFounded in 1946 by a designer Christian Dior, the Miss Dior perfume is the first fragrance among many launched by this worldwide known brand. Dior fragrance division offers a range of 8 women and 6 men perfumes all reflecting the elegance and grace of Christian Dior perfume. Every one of these perfumes are unique in their scent. The wide assortment and versatility in scents enable you to choose a right perfume for both day and night; for everyday wear, work or special occasions. Dior’s popularity was confirmed and cemented among fans with it’s new campaign for Miss Dior fragrance where critically acclaimed star, Natalie Portman, gives a human profile for what this perfume stands for – love.



One of Dior’s competitors, D&G’s perfume division holds the ground quite well in the industry. The origin of D&G perfumes dates around 1992 when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana decided, after the huge success in apparel, they should follow the example of other fashion brands and release their own line of perfumes. The first Dolce & Gabbana perfume launched was intended for ladies, and later, in 2011, the first men perfume hit the market. The fragrance assortment D& G offers is smaller compared to the one Dior has, with a total of 8 scents for men and women. Regardless of smaller assortment, D&G fans stay true to this brand because of the unique scents it offers.


As we have already mentioned above, when compared in terms of price there is no big difference as they are both eminent names in the perfume industry. However, customers claim that new D&G perfumes lack that familiar quality, long-lasting effect and well know diffusion of different notes with a mixture of oriental seduction. Many proclaim that a similar version can be found for a fraction of the cost at local drugstore. On the other hand, Christian Dior has stuck true to its name and what this brand proclaims – quality and satisfaction. Nevertheless, D&G perfumes should not be underrated as the Dolce&Gabbana 2007 won the prize for the ‘most feminine flavor of the year’ and not to forget 1996 Oscar for the best male perfume which made D&G fragrances even more popular. In conclusion, overall public opinion is that Christian Dior leads the race in fragrance department not only because of the larger assortment to choose from but also because you really get what you paid for.