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Queen vs King Size Bed: Which One To Choose?

Although you may disagree with us, we strongly believe the bedroom is the heart and soul of a home. It is where you relax after a day of hard work and where you recharge your batteries for the following day. For this reason, the bedroom must be comfortable and inviting. A perfect sanctuary and a relaxing oasis.

Right wall colour and décor accessories is not what you should focus on. Keeping your bedroom tidy and organized all the time is the key to comfort. And the right bed, of course. But which bed to choose – the queen or the king bed size, is the question many seek an answer to.



For a long time, there has been the misconception that queen and king size beds differ in both terms of width and length. The truth is the difference between these two models is in width only. The king size bed is larger in width and offers more room for stretching out, which is why it is perfect for spacious bedrooms. On the flip-side, queen bedrooms are a perfect match for smaller bedrooms (master, guests room, kid’s room).

To get a clearer perspective, here’s the main difference between the queen and king size bed in a numerical form:

  • King Bed Size (Width: 193cm; Length: 203cm)
  • Queen Bed Size (Width: 152cm; Length: 203cm)

Due to the greater king bed size, normally this type of bed is more expensive, however there is no real average price. It all depends on the design, style, material, retailer, frame and brand. It is up to you to decide whether a king size bed is worth the higher cost, which in many cases is all because of the size feature and nothing else. The greatest advantage of king size bed is the level of comfort and space, which is particularly beneficial to large and tall people.

Another important fact that future buyers should consider is movability. King size beds may be more comfortable, but they are extremely heavy and offer little to no movability. This feature immediately makes them unsuitable and impractical for apartments and smaller homes. Also, do not forget to take into consideration the size of the rest of your bedroom furniture, as this will give you a better idea of how much space is available in the bedroom and which of these two types of beds is more suitable for you.