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Hardwired vs Wireless home security system

Man putting in alarm codeHardwired home security systems

Hardwired home security system has sensors that are placed on windows and doors and are wired individually to the main panel of the alarm. A properly installed hardwired system, the wires are placed behind the walls, baseboard and under carpets. Motion detectors and monitoring cameras can also be wired to the main alarm panel. The hardwired systems have keypads and other accessories that can be put into the system.

Advantages of hardwired home security system

  • The hardwired security systems cannot receive blocking signals from other devices that are nearby such as baby monitor or some other wireless device
  • Every hardwired security alarm makes immediate sound when wires are cut

Disadvantages of hardwired home security system

  • The hardwired security systems are hard to install
  • You must drill holes in the wall in order to install this security system
  • It is harder to relocate if you plan to move to another place

Wireless home security system

Wireless home security system transmit signals to the main panel via wireless transmitter received from sensors put on windows and doors. This wireless system does not require wiring, has little or no drilling involved. Wireless security alarm systems also have keypads that are used with other security devices like cameras and motion detectors.

Advantages of wireless security alarm systems

  • The installation of wireless security alarm system is very easy and simple
  • The wireless security system can be easily relocated to a new location if you decide to move

Disadvantages of wireless security alarm systems

  • The main disadvantage is that this security system can receive signals from other nearby devices which can cause a false alarm
  • The wireless systems can be disabled easier than hardwired one

The hardwired home security systems are more reliable than the wireless ones, but is best to install them while in the process of building your home. Compared to the hardwired security systems, the wireless security system is easier to install and disable as well. Also,wireless security systems are not recommended for larger homes, because they may not have strong signal. The best option would be a hardwired security system. Therefore, before you decide on a home security system that will best suit your home, learn advantages and disadvantages of both types.