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Sleep Soundly: How to Choose the Right Mattress for Your Bedroom

Having a good night’s sleep is important if you want to be energised, focused and productive during the day. Otherwise, you’ll feel irritated, and fatigued and your mood will change frequently. But to enjoy your sleep, you need to have a good mattress. Everyone’s bodies are different, so we need different types of mattresses. Take your needs and preferences into consideration and choose the best option you can find.

What to Consider When Buying

Bed with king size mattress
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Size is the number one thing you should consider when shopping for a mattress. The three main dimensions you should know are length, width and height. You already own the bedframe, so you know what the width and length are, all you need to figure out is the height. This is a personal preference. Some people like their mattresses taller than the bedframe and some like it levelled out.

Every manufacturer has different height measurements for their mattresses so follow their size chart. In general, there are 6 main sizes.

  • Twin – 96.5 x 188cm;
  • Twin XL – 96.5 x 203.5cm;
  • Full – 134.5 x 190.5cm;
  • Queen 152 x 203.5cm;
  • King – 193.5 x 203.5cm;
  • California King – 183 x 213.5cm.

If you own a comfortable single bed, you can enjoy the twin mattress. If you want more wiggle room, get the full one. And if you sleep with a partner or you want to have a lot of space to roll around you can choose one of the spacious and comfortable king-bed mattresses. They can normally hold up to two people, but they can accommodate a child as a third one if necessary.

Singles could make use of this particular type of mattress as well if they have enough space in the room. Their size is big enough to set up an excellent sleeping space for a single person. However, sleepers can always buy this even if they are not sharing their bed with someone else because it will help them feel more comfortable and have ample room to rest.


Setting a budget can be a good starting point for your mattress shopping. There’s no shortage of options available on the market either. The mattresses’ quality and price are determined by the materials they’re made of and any special features they have. Knowing your budget will prevent any disappointment when you enter the store and don’t have the money to buy it.

To determine your budget, make a list of the things you consider important and the features you want the mattress to have. Browse online, do your research, read about the products and get familiar with the manufacturers. Read reviews and comments and look for a seller with a reliable reputation.

Once you know all about the mattress, decide on your priorities. Do you want a soft or firm mattress? What materials do you prefer? Does it have antibacterial properties? If you don’t have to, never go with the cheapest option because most likely, you’ll have to replace that mattress after several months.

A more expensive mattress doesn’t necessarily mean high quality, but for the most part, that’s the case. Keep an eye on seasonal sales. Many shops have discounts and sales often and you can use this to your advantage and get the mattress you’ve always liked.

Sleeping Position

Everyone has their own comfortable sleeping position they prefer. Some sleep on the side, some on their back, others prefer their stomach and some love to switch positions during the night. They’ll twist and turn around and switch from a curved up to a flat sleeping position.

If you’re a side sleeper a medium-soft mattress will give you the most support. It’ll distribute the pressure evenly and make you most comfortable. Back sleepers will benefit the most from a memory foam mattress that will adjust to their body’s shape, spine and back. And if you sleep on your stomach, go for a medium to firm mattress because it’ll keep the spine in the right position and pain-free.

Most people don’t know this, but their weight also plays a big part in the firmness of their mattress. If you weigh under 70 kilos a medium-firm mattress is the right one for you. If you’re between 70-90 kilos, go for a medium soft to a medium firm one. And if you’re more than 90 kilos, choose a firm mattress.

Types of Mattresses

Inner Spring

bed with inner spring mattress
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The innerspring mattress is one of the most popular ones in Australia. The main reason is its affordability. It was first created in the 1900s and it’s made of steel coils. Since then, the quality and materials have improved significantly. Depending on the manufacturer, the coil number and their size can vary. When you sit on the bed, they flex and give you support.

But these mattresses aren’t always made of high-quality materials. They can wear out very fast. So, when you hear squeaks, it’s time for a new mattress. There are 5 types of coils that manufacturers use. S-shaped continuous coils fill the entire mattress with a single, continuous wire. The Bonnell coil is widely used, and it resembles an hourglass.

There’s the offset spring that’s also hourglass-shaped but it’s more durable and quieter than the rest. You’ll also find coils that aren’t connected to each other. Those are the Pocketed and the Marshal coils. They’re thinner, which means the mattress will be softer. If the coils are thicker, the mattress will be harder.

Memory Foam

Even though memory foam was made by NASA for their space programs, they never used it that way. Instead, manufacturers use it to make king-bed mattresses, furniture, pillows and shoes. This is a reasonably-priced product because memory foam is inexpensive to make.

It’s very soft and comfortable. It shapes around your body and provides full support for your spine, legs, neck, back and shoulders. People also like it because it’s allergen-free and dust mites-repellent.


Gel is a good material to neutralise the heat our bodies produce while sleeping. It traps it inside and keeps us cool. This is the perfect material for people who are hot sleepers and sweat a lot. Its inherent cooling properties bring more comfort and make our sleep more restful.

Gels are also known to provide pressure relief by evenly distributing body weight and reducing pressure points. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from joint or muscle pain. The gel’s ability to contour to the body helps in providing a comfortable sleeping surface, which can alleviate discomfort and promote better sleep.


Bed with latex mattress
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There’s organic and synthetic latex. Both of them are good options for king mattresses because they’re durable like memory foam and will contour your body. Latex has higher bounce, reduced heat retention, and pressure release. It’s elastic and it’ll respond quickly to the change in your weight, movement and shape.


Waterbeds were first created to ease the bedsores of patients in hospitals. They’re adjustable and can easily suit your needs and preferences. There are waterbeds with free flow or restricted water flow. Some even have adjustments on both sides if you and your partner don’t agree on the settings. Keep in mind that waterbeds are heavy to carry, hard to move and a bit complicated to set up. You’ll need professional help.