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Massage Chair Vs Hot Tub

Which relaxation method at the end of the working day is more suitable for you: a comfortable massage chair or a hot tub? Each person has specific preferences and the answer to this question may vary significantly. In this article, you will find which method is better. Let’s start:


Hot Tub

Sitting in your hot tub is very relaxing, but is it healthy? The water contains chlorine and fluoride, and in most cases additional harmful chemicals for cleaning, such as bromine. The chlorine is not very healthy because it can irritate your lungs and cause breathing difficulties. Furthermore, the chlorine vapor is not suggested for people who suffer from heart or chronic respiratory problems. And since the chlorine is a corrosive substance, laying 1 hour in hot water may damage your skin, eyes and all other delicate membranes.

Chlorine leaves your hair dry and brittle. It also makes your skin to be itchy and dry. Hot tubs are calming, enjoyable and healthy, only if proper safety measures are undertaken. For a healthy and pleasant hot tub experience, you need to disinfect or to filter the chemicals from the water. Using special filters will ensure you that the water in the hot tub is free from chlorine and other harmful chemicals.

Massage Chair

If you are not a fan of hot tubs, then you should consider buying a relaxation chair from a reliable massage chair Melbourne supplier. The massage chairs stimulate a real-like massage experience through specific movements and methods to relieve all kind of pain, tension and stress. Either single mode or multifunctional, there are many suppliers from which you can buy massage chair in Melbourne. The greatest health benefits of using a massage chair are improved blood circulation, better posture, better alignment of the spine, reduced pressure on the nerves and relaxed muscles.

Aside from relaxing and relieving pain, tension and stress, the massage chairs have a significant positive impact on your overall physical and mental health. If you have pulled a muscle, applying ice or taking pain relievers might not be enough. The continuous pain may indicate a more serious health condition. If none of these methods works for you, you should look for a supplier that can offer you high quality massage chair in Melbourne. There are many massage chair Melbourne dealers who are offering the latest massage chairs with many innovative features, like the zero-gravity function.

If your choice is a massage chair, most massage chair Melbourne suppliers have online site from where you can choose your favorite model. Buying a massage chair from an online reliable massage chair Melbourne supplier is a convenient and easy way to get your relaxation chair.