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Wooden vs. Glass Coffee Tables – Features & Maintenance

While the couch and its fabric play a huge role in how comfortable you will feel in your living room, let’s not forget about the missing puzzle in this comfiness, the coffee table. Besides being the perfect decorative piece in both lounge and living rooms, coffee tables are also extremely functional furniture pieces. Although their primary function is placing your drink or snacks on them while reading some magazine or watching a TV, coffee tables can also help you show off some interesting decorative pieces. A stack of books, candle holders and a vase with flowers placed in a larger tray are some of the ways that you can decorate your coffee table. This can certainly add a new charm to the décor of the room. There truly is a large selection of coffee table materials, but it seems that glass and designer wooden coffee tables are among the most popular choices.
wood coffee table with black metal legs for living room in front of an armchair

What Makes Wooden Coffee Tables So Popular?

One of the most popular and commonly used material for coffee tables and furniture since ancient times is wood. Even nowadays, wooden coffee tables are one of the most sought-after types and that’s for some very good reasons. Whether talking about traditional, contemporary, minimalist or modern wooden coffee tables, they can be made of different types of quality woods. Timber, oak, pine and cedar are just some of the many wood types you can choose from. One thing is certain, all of these woods are great for producing dazzling designer wooden coffee tables that can add warmth and style to your home.Since this natural material is extraordinary on its own, a lot of designers decide to leave some coffee table models naturally stained. This can certainly enhance the beauty of the table, making it the ideal option for those of you who enjoy this. However, you also have the option to choose from the large selection of painted wooden coffee tables. Coming in different finishes to meet different needs, you can easily find the one that perfectly fits in your home décor.Whether you’re looking for a wooden coffee table with simple and clean lines or perhaps you want a decorative wooden table with lots of carved details on it, finding the one shouldn’t be so hard. Plus, a lot of these models come with additional storage like drawers or shelves underneath. This can be quite helpful, especially when it comes to storing all of those bits and pieces that you don’t know where to keep.large wooden coffee table and sofa bed for living room

What Makes Glass Coffee Tables So Popular?

When looking for something sleek and more elegant, you can certainly take a look at the wide range of glass coffee tables. Keep in mind that they are not completely made of glass. Usually, the tabletop is the part made of glass, while the base is made of metal or wood. The most commonly used version of glass for coffee tables is toughened glass since it’s the safest option. Although it’s not resistant to breaking, in case it breaks, it will break into cubes rather than shattering into long and sharp ends that can hurt someone and cause some serious damages to the surrounding objects.The thing that makes these coffee tables one of a kind is their clean and uncluttered look. Simple and elegant, glass coffee tables can visually enlarge any space making them ideal for small areas. Besides ranging in size and shape, these coffee tables can also differ in their details. For instance, some of them can be ornated with stained glass inlay in different colours and finishes.glass and wooden coffee table for living room

Important Things to Have in Mind

Whether you choose a wooden or glass coffee table, go for a model that compliments your room’s style. For instance, if your living room has lots of furniture pieces with sharper lines, choosing a round coffee table would be better. The round shape of the table can soften the feel of the room making it more inviting.Glass coffee tables are easier to clean and maintain, however, they are not the best option if you have smaller children. They may break easier and easily show fingerprints. Wooden coffee tables, on the other hand, might be harder to maintain but only because of those annoying water rings. Luckily, there is a way to remove water rings from wood, but why risk it? Instead, use coasters to prevent them from forming and enjoy the beauty of your coffee table longer.If you’re wondering what is the best wood to use for a coffee table, our answer is timber, oak and walnut.