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Antique vs Modern Home Style

Home should be a perfect sanctuary to relax both body and mind. To make it such, it is important to create a cozy atmosphere when decorating it. First thing to do is decide on a style. Depending on your personal taste and vision of how you want your home to look like, you can choose a modern style – simple, clean and above all functional; or go with antique decor and choose pieces with rich history and luxurious design. Or you can mix the two and create a unique style for your home. Do not be afraid to mix. As Oscar Wilde said “all beautiful things belong to the same time“.

Antique vs. modern

In fact, home accessories such as antique mirrors, frames, lamps, etc. are a big decorating hit these days. However, many associate antiques with high price tags, but this is not always the case. Of course, depending on type, design, history, make and manufacturer, prices vary, but there are many antiques for sale. In fact, there are many online stores which specialize in antiques and often offer big discounts on their merchandise. Therefore, look for antique furniture online to choose cheap, yet quality furniture pieces or unique accessories such as French antique mirrors.

Mixing modern and vintage can either be sophisticated, chic and elegant or a complete disaster. For example, when painting walls use white, cream, beige or brown shades as to highlight traditional or modern pieces in the room. Also, use different furniture pieces with different finishes to add more glamour to the room. But carefully choose furniture pieces if you want to create perfect harmony.

For instance, you can create an inviting dinning room by mixing antique dinning table with few modern pictures and chairs or make your living room luxurious with few antique accessories like French antique mirrors. Did you know that antique mirrors were most commonly used accessory in the 16th century and are still popular, but hard to find. Luckily, many antique stores do restoration and can make almost any regular furniture piece into an expensive antique. Even some antique furniture online stores offer this service.