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How to Pick Out a Round Coffee Table: Marble vs. Wood

Being the place in the home where we both go for entertainment and relaxing, the living room should have all the needed details that will add comfort and functionality. While the choice of seating furniture plays a huge role in how comfortable you’ll feel while sitting, the type of coffee table can also be important. Besides being appealing and stylish, the chosen coffee table should also be practical and functional. So, if you’re wondering ‘what coffee table should I buy, the newest trend these days are the round coffee tables, especially the ones with wood and marble tops.

Coffee Table
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Advantages of Round Coffee Tables

Round tables, in general, can provide you with plenty of benefits. Firstly, they are space-savvy while also giving the impression that the room is larger. Secondly, they are great at softening the look of the living room. In other words, the stiff and harsh lines of the rest furniture pieces will be balanced out thanks to the coffee table’s round and soft ends. And lastly, they’re great if you have kids or are clumsy and constantly bump into things. Because there are no sharp edges, you and your kids can thankfully avoid a lot of accidents.

In case you’re considering buying a round coffee table with metal legs, then you should certainly think of the type of metal they’re made of. Iron, stainless steel, and aluminum are some of the most commonly used types of metals as a base for marble and wood coffee tables. Depending on the top, you should choose a combo that is strong enough to withstand its heaviness. When comparing all of these metals, iron is the strongest, however, all of them can take marble’s weight, especially if the top is thinner and lighter.

Marble Tables

Marble coffee tables
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Marble is a breathtaking stone that is quite dense and extremely durable, so no wonder why designers use it as a top for coffee tables as well. When looking to buy a coffee table that is stylish, you can never go wrong by choosing one with a marble top since marble is timeless and always IN. In fact, this stone has been used since ever as a great kitchen countertop and flooring solution in both residential and commercial facilities. It’s an environmentally-friendly material that will improve the look of your living room in no time. The base of the marble tables is usually made of metal or wood, giving you the opportunity to choose it in accordance with the rest of the room’s style and décor.

With proper care, marble coffee tables can outlast any other furniture piece in your home. If you have decided to buy a coffee table made of marble, then you should certainly look for one that is polished and precoated in order to protect the stone from marks, stains, and scratches. Being a natural stone, marble can be stained, so it’s best if you use coasters before putting a glass or cup on it.

Wooden Tables

Wooden coffee tables
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It goes without saying that wood is one of the most popular and commonly used types of furniture material. It’s durable, eco-friendly, natural, and appealing, perfect for many other uses than just coffee tables and furniture in general. Easy to shape and work with, wood is practical and versatile, allowing manufacturers to get creative and design the most appealing furniture pieces. A coffee table made of wood can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and if taking proper care of it, it can last you a lifetime. Wood also allows being repainted which is great in case you get tired of the coffee table’s actual color.

When in the search for the right round table made of mood, make sure to choose one that is made of high-quality wood like oak, teak, or Acacia. Just like marble, wood can get easily stained, so, if you want to keep water stains at bay, then you should consider using coasters. Regarding the base of a wooden coffee table, nowadays, you can choose from numerous different materials like wood itself and metal of all kinds. Given the fact that wood is a natural and warm material, interior designers state that it can literally go with any home décor. The idea is to choose a model, shape, material, and color that can meet the rest of your living room’s design.

As you can see, both of these coffee table models are quality and good. But when speaking from another point of view, the marble/metal coffee table combo is better because it’s resistant to flame and impossible to be chewed. The latter is extremely important if having a pet, especially a dog.