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Vinyl Flooring That Looks Like Wood Vs. Hardwood


You have been saving long time for your house renovation and also dreaming about getting the wood flooring look. But now that the renovation process is on, you realize that there are many more things to consider. And one of the biggest consideration is the budget. So many things are needed and they all cost money. Like it or not, you have to cut costs on something or the renovation will cost you more than your initial planned budget.

Look for the alternatives. For example, you’ve always wanted hardwood, but with the high cost per square meter, you are having doubts. Who wouldn’t. So why not go for an alternative that will satisfy not only your budget, but interior décor and style as well. Why not get vinyl flooring that looks like wood?

Yes, hardwood flooring is a natural and very durable option, but is also very expensive. On the other hand, vinyl flooring that looks like wood is synthetic indeed, but is durable enough and most importantly, less expensive. Hardwood flooring has been a preferable choice by many homeowners because of its durability, look and resale value. However, vinyl flooring that looks like wood, with its significant difference in costs, very easy installation process and resistance to moisture, stains, dents, scratches and wear, has been becoming increasingly popular.

Hardwood flooring, if well maintained can last for decades. A quality wood and proper maintenance will guarantee no damage. It can be repaired or refinished for a whole new look and can increase resale value of your home. Vinyl flooring that looks like wood can also offer same benefits and wider selection of styles and finishes. The longevity is guaranteed due to the good protective coat. Also, vinyl flooring that looks like wood offers better resistance to staining, warping and discoloration, and better insulation by installing padding underneath the flooring.

The installation process of a hardwood flooring involves more complicated steps, while vinyl flooring that looks like wood can be easily installed without the need to hire a professional. Pre-cuts and self- adhesives make vinyl flooring easy to installed. And in both cases, maintenance is relative easy. Regardless of the type (tiles, sheet or planks), vinyl flooring that looks like wood can be found in a wide range of patterns, designs, styles and finishes giving you greater range of choices.