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Fabric vs. Leather: Avoid the Ouch of Choosing the Wrong Couch

If you ask me, real happiness is spending a day on the couch. With the busy life of today, having to constantly be somewhere and do something, having a day for myself to do what I want and relax in the comfort of my home is a bliss on its own. I mean, how couldn’t it be? Enjoying all the perks that come with it such as binge watching my fav TV show and having dozens of snacks within my arm’s reach I can munch on, has become literally all I need in this concrete jungle. So when creating your much sought after oasis, so-called living room, bear in mind that the couch is one of its most important elements to pay attention to, both design and comfort-wise.


When it comes to choosing a couch, the debate of fabric versus leather is a topic to make a good research on as this is not a simple decision to make. Your choice of a sofa material will not only impact the look of your living room but also the comfort and durability of the couch. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both types of material in order to help you out decide on the right one for your home.


Leather grades vary depending on what part of the cowhide is used. To ensure longevity, choose a high quality leather that will get softer over time.


  • Leather lasts about five years more than fabrics and it is less likely to tear or fray. Due to these characteristics, it will serve you for many years to come.
  • It can be cleaned quite easy – all you need is a damp cloth to clean any spills or hair from your kids and pets.
  • Light coloured leather couches can make a room feel bigger, light and airy and are easier to clean than light colour fabric sofas.
  • Leather adds a dose of elegance and much value to your interior design.


  • It requires a bit more care to keep its softness.
  • Leather can be uncomfortable to sit on when the weather is too hot or cold. However, that feeling lasts only until you get used to its texture, about a minute or so.


Fabrics are tested with a machine which counts the amount of times they are rubbed before the fibres wear. Therefore, the higher the ‘rub rate’, the longer the fabric will last.


  • When it comes to couch designs, thanks to the huge variety of textures, colours and weaves, fabric couches are more versatile and fun to combine in a room.
  • The soft feel of a fabric couch makes the ambiance in the living room much cozier and inviting. One in a neutral colour will go well with a variety of interior design styles, so choose wisely when shopping.
  • Since new colours, styles and innovative weaves of fabrics are constantly being launched, this material will always be at the forefront of fashion. For a casual country style, choose the soft and feathery look of linen slip covers. For mid-century lovers, a woolen material is a good and durable choice. Those who are more into the modern aesthetics, a textured, woven fabric is the way to go.
  • Fabric sofas tend to be more affordable than leather ones, but add to them the cost of a sturdy frame and a high quality fabric, and they will end up costing you pretty much the same. Compare the cleaning requirements, durability and comfort of the couch before deciding on a type.


  • Fabrics that feature high natural content, such as cotton and linen, tend to fade easily.
  • The colours, prints and patterns of fabric can date, so if you want a fabric sofa to be trendy for many years to come, choose a neutral colour and use decorative pillows to add pattern and colour to the sofa.
  • Spills, grime and pet hair aren’t easy to remove from fabrics as they are from leather. Keep this in mind if you have kids and/or pets.