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Tree Trimming: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional?

Trees can be a wonderful landscape element. They evoke a forest-like charm and create a cooling shade under which you can relax in the hottest of days. So, it’s safe to say that no garden is truly complete without a tree. However, trees also need maintenance. If you neglect to give your trees a regular trim, overgrown and weakened branches can break off during storms and cause damage to your property or threaten to collide with power lines.

As a homeowner, you are probably faced with many expenses regarding property maintenance and think DIY tree trimming is a great way to save some money. However, some jobs are better left to the professionals and tree trimming is one of them. Here are some logical reasons why it’s best to hire a professional trees trimming service rather than doing it yourself.

worker removing tree branch

It’s Much Safer

Well, the first and foremost reason why you should consider hiring a professional tree service is safety. Tree trimming involves the use of a regular saw or a chainsaw and a ladder while being several meters off the ground, which can be very dangerous when you lack experience. Not only do you risk falling or injuring yourself with a tool, but up there, you risk disturbing damaged branches which can snap unexpectedly and knock you unconscious. However, professionals are trained on how to safely and effectively use the tools to protect themselves and your property. They also carry safety equipment and often use bucket trucks as a much safer way to work at height.

It’s Better for the Tree’s Health

Did you know that a bad trimming can stunt the tree’s growth and weaken its branches? DIY trimming can often lead to accidental “topping” when a tree’s crown is trimmed extensively in order to promote blooming. Topping happens when an important portion of the tree’s crown is removed, leaving stubs and lateral branches that are too small to take on the weight of future growth. This, in turn, leaves the tree deformed and severely weakened, making it prone to developing disease and rot and becoming a hazard.

It Can Improve Your Curb Appeal

Do you have the guts to cut your own hair? Everyone who has ever tried giving themselves a haircut has experienced great regret when faced with the results. Then why would you proceed to do the same to your trees? Not only do you risk getting hurt or damaging your property, but you are also likely to end up with an ugly-looking tree. On the other hand, professional trees trimming services know how to achieve aesthetically pleasing results. They can help you transform an overgrown and neglected tree into a graceful and attractive landscape element that boosts your curb appeal.