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Reasons to Hire an Arborist: Professional Services vs. DIY Landscaping

Have you always wanted the yard of your dreams where you didn’t have to worry about a massive tree in the middle? Do you worry if this tree will fall on your house during the next big storm? Or are you overwhelmed by the many tasks inside your home, and thinking about the yard makes you want to give up?

With the help of professionals, you can put all your gardening worries to rest. Let’s see some of the benefits of hiring arborists to take care of your trees for you. What exactly can they do?


Man providing a  tree pruning with scissors

As zealous as we may feel, certain things should be left to a professional. Bush trimming and grass cutting—ok, we got those. But what to do about those dead limbs or branches that threaten the integrity of your property? Taking care of this can be very dangerous, and that’s why hiring a professional tree pruning service is fantastic.

However, tree pruning services are more than just trimming down pesky branches. Your certified arborist or tree surgeon will first determine what type of pruning is necessary to maintain or improve the health, appearance, and safety of your trees.

An arborist’s services are extensive. They can prune any mature tree to remove dead and dying branches and maintain the tree’s shape and health. No more worries about the wind taking a tree down on your house. Tree pruning can lessen the density of your trees, so they are less likely to cause damage in a storm.

Much like getting a haircut helps your hair grow by removing any split ends, pruning young trees ensures a strong foundation for their growth. If you don’t desire to remove your tree, you can still learn to maintain it better.

Think of a beautiful, hot summer day in Australia. Did you immediately think of shade? Yes, with a well-maintained tree, you can enjoy the shade under its crown for hours on your comfortable patio furniture. I know we also think of the fall weather approaching with leaves everywhere, but that too is a wonderful sight to see. Your trees, after proper care, can add so much value to your home.

Providing Treatment Against Diseases or Pests

Man providing tree treatment with against diseases and pests

What else can a professional arborist do for you? Like all living organisms, trees need water to survive. But sometimes things may attack our trees, and they need extra care. A certified arborist can tell you the state of your tree. What are some signs you can look for before you need to make a call?

Some common signs of a sick tree to look for are:

  • Wilting branches
  • Yellow leaves
  • Leaning tree
  • Mouldy Patches
  • Holes in Leaves
  • Dead branches
  • Discolouration
Man goes to provide tree pruning on a sick tree with yellow leaves

Most of the time, when someone is sick, they can get better with suitable therapy. Well, it’s the same for our fellow tree friends. Now that you know some obvious signs to look for in a sick tree, let’s see some more specific things your arborist will look for. The most common tree issues in Australia are:

Myrtle rust is a fungus that spreads quickly. It causes a bright yellow powdery spot on leaves, which eventually turn grey and die. The good news is that a certified arborist can treat this with fungicides.

Root rot is caused by a poor drainage system or, again, a fungal infection. This is a decay of the roots of the tree. You will notice your tree may start to wilt and have weaker branches, to name a few signs. Though this is hard to cure, your arborist can help by replanting a tree in a better drainage system with plush soil.

Citrus Gall Wasp: This wasp infects the bark of the tree by laying eggs on the branches. Thankfully, this can be treated by cutting the infected limbs off. You will see an infected tree with a swollen or bulging limb. That appearance will startle you enough to let you know something is wrong.

These are just a few of the common diseases and pests that affect trees, but the list goes on. Luckily, your arborist can tell you exactly what the issue is and take decisive action to save your precious trees.


Three men planting a tree

Although sickness and pests are ways for a tree to die, this is improper planting. Arborists can help with the proper planting of all trees. Though most trees can maintain themselves, in the beginning, it’s important to give them the proper care.

Your arborist can tell you the right way to plant, where to plant, and when not to. I am sure you will be amazed by the knowledge you will gain by hiring a professional. Why not learn the right way so you can be sure to do it right?

DIY vs. Hiring a Certified Arborist

A professional provides tree pruning

Perhaps you are a doctor, nurse, school teacher, or writer. I am sure you are great in your field because you spent time and effort mastering what you do.

The same goes for a certified arborist as well. Would I ask a chef to teach me my ABCs? Ok, maybe he can, but is he using the best practises? Your arborist will give you the best practises and educate you along the way.

You will see the relief and huge benefits an arborist can offer. I know waking up early, going to work, making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then repeating it again, is a lot. Why not use your weekend for family time and enjoy your outdoor space with ease instead of working on your landscape?

What’s more, hiring professional help for big projects around your property will allow you to stay safe. Pruning your trees alone is not recommended. Let the professionals use the chainsaw while you enjoy the progress with a mug in hand from your window. You deserve it.