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Water Vs. Flood Damage

Most people do not know the difference between flood and water damage. When it comes to cost and repairs, the difference is more noticeable than you think. In case of a burst pipe or other internal water related issue, the water damage is less serious than in case of a flood. For example, if there is a water damage on your carpet, you can easily remove it. The best way is to remove access moisture from your carpet and wash it with mild detergent and soft brush. Expose it to sun to speed up the drying time. If water damage stain is still visible, it is best to contact professional carpet cleaning company. They have not only the equipment but various cleaning products and highly trained staff to match any wet carpet restoration job. Also, they offer various services and packages that can be tailored to your budget. In case of a flood, you will most likely have to throw away your carpet and get a new one.


Also, if your furniture got wet because of a burst pipe, you can use few tricks to save it. Wipe off excess water and sprinkle baking soda to absorb the excess moisture from the wood and then refurbish it. However, if unfortunately your house got flooded due to a natural disaster, then the damage will be far more greater. It will cost you a lot more to repair damaged furniture and your whole house for that matter and it will require more time and a lot of patience. So the best way to protect your home and save your wallet from costly repair, is by getting an insurance policy.


In fact, if you live in a flood zone then you should definitely consider insuring your home in case of a flood. Insurance coverage will help you redeem the damage. However, carefully go over your insurance policy as in an insurance industry, water damage and flood damage are two different things. Most Insurance companies usually state that they cover water damage, but what people do not know is that water damage due to “maintenance issue” that a homeowner can control, is in most cases not covered. Insurance will cover your losses only in terms of flood. Therefore, be sure you read the whole contract before agreeing to it. But, when a disaster strikes, it is important to act fast in order to prevent greater water damage and to try to save as many household items as possible. This applies to floods as well. Although hard to prevent, there are certain things that every homeowner needs and can do to be prepared in case of this most common natural disaster in Australia.