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Email Vs. Bulk Mailing


Thanks to the new innovation in technology, marketing your business is quite easy now. Either through email or bulk mailing, you can reach larger audience that is going to be interested in what you have to offer. Even though email is a faster advertising option, still some have doubts and choose bulk mailing services. Bulk mailing is the right way to reach customers, simply because promotional materials are designed to be eye-catching and unique in order to attracts potential customers. Also, oppose to email, bulk mailing is a safer and a more reliable option. Reports show that majority of customers do reply to promotional material they receive at home, and rarely read emails from unknown sources. This is why many businesses outsource bulk mailing and quality finishing services to reliable 3PL providers. These companies have the staff and the equipment to assemble, protect, design and send out your promotional material to your target audience. Here are few more reason more businesses choose bulk mailing over email.

  • Bulk mailing is an effective option for advertising your business and sending out multiple promotional materials at once to potential customers.
  • Unlike bulk mailing, emails take less time to be sent to potential clients. Data files are immediately sent and received, no matter where (it can be in your town or in a completely different part of the world).
  • However, bulk mailing allows you to send out larger packages and make promotional material far more interesting and unique. Even though this finishing services takes longer to reach customers, marketers still rely more on bulk mailing when it comes to advertising their businesses.
  • One of the differences between email and bulk mailing beside the speed is also the cost of sending advertising material. You can send thousands of emails every day at low cost, where as sending bunch of mail outs will cost you more. However, bulk mailing prices are significantly lower than single-piece prices, which means you save money and present your product in the best possible way.
  • Unlike emails, bulk mailing finishing services can be outsourced to ensure successful marketing campaign. 3PL providers will make your product attractive, colorful and eye-catching, something that cannot be done with regular emails.
  • Emails are usually received when people are at work, what makes this option less effective than bulk mailing. On the other hand, your promotional material is sent directly to the homes of your potential buyers, where they feel more relaxed, thus the possibility of getting a higher response rate is greater than with emails.
  • With bulk mailing you can be sure that mails will be delivered to specific group of people that are interested in what you sell. However, that is not the case with regular emails, simply because email mailing lists are in most cases not relevant as people provide false personal information to avoid spam emails.