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You vs Professional carpet cleaner

you vs professional cleaner

It’s that day of the month when the whole family is gathered for a detailed house cleaning, and it’s time to wash the carpets – something you don’t really know how to do. There are many carpet cleaning services you know but their prices seem too high for your budget and besides, you can do it yourself. Even though it is an easy job to do, cleaning your carpet may go wrong if you don’t have the right detergent and tools. So before you decide whether you should do this task at home or call professional carpet cleaners, determine how prepared you are. If you haven’t washed carpets before, don’t choose DIY cleaning right away as there are many carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne that offer these services at low prices for new customers.

Before we elaborate on these two methods of carpet cleaning, you should know what mostly make carpets dirty – dust or microscopic soil. These particles, invisible to the human eye, are so small and sharp that can cut carpet fiber and damage it over time. Thus, walking on a dirty carpet makes things worse, because fibers get damaged and the carpet doesn’t feel or look the same. Other than soil, some hazardous liquids can cause damage to carpets. Even water damage is possible for different fiber carpets and need to be cleaned instantly to prevent eternal damage.

Home carpet cleaning is not dull as it sounds. This is the 21st century so you will probably buy a home cleaning device. The only problem with these devices is that they usually sell a brand name more than their functionality. The fact that these machines are meant for home usage indicates that they are made to be used by a normal person with little knowledge of carpet cleaning. Thus, to prevent any carpet damage, only neutral pH detergents are used. But what most carpet cleaning companies don’t tell their customers is that neutral pH materials get real soapy and carpets require a lot of hot water rinsing. If you do not rinse your carpets well, soap will remain locked in carpet fibers and will attract more dirt. Also, most of these machines don’t have an effective vacuuming system which leaves carpets exposed to water damage.

If you seek guaranteed effective service, turn to professional carpet cleaners. Their commercial cleaning equipment (similar to truck steam cleaning machines) is more effective than any other brand home cleaning device and you don’t have to worry about hard work. Different companies which offer carpet cleaning services in Melbourne have different price lists, but they are worth the money no matter which one you choose.