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Stainless Steel Vs. Wooden Letterbox – Which One Is Best for You?

Despite technology replacing a lot of the traditional things in our lives, there are still some that seem to stand the test of time with grace. One of them is the letterbox. Sure we use our e-mails, Messengers, Whatsapps and whatnots to receive instant text messages, but there’s still something about the good old fashioned letterbox that makes it hard to give it up.


Perhaps it’s the fact that a letterbox is an instant way to boost your curb appeal without costing you a lot of money. And today, there is a multitude of designs that can complement all kinds of exteriors. You and you only can determine what’s the best design for you, but when it comes to choosing the material, it’s always best to be properly informed before making the purchase.

Stainless Steel Letterbox

Without a doubt, each material has its own appeal when it comes to looks. But you want something truly lasting and able to withstand the outside elements, a stainless letterbox is certainly the best choice you can make. Stainless steel letterboxes are carefully treated with an anti-corrosion coat which ensure that they remain rust free for years despite being heavily rained on. If you’re living near the coast, a stainless letterbox can be the smartest choice as it isn’t vulnerable to salty and humid air, unlike the wooden kind which is prone to warping from the humidity.

What’s more, stainless steel isn’t prone to damage from the sun like wood is, meaning your letterbox will preserve its beauty and colour for years to come. Besides the pile of junk mail, there are also some very important things we receive in the mail, like bank reports and medical results. If you’re concerned about security, you can rest assured a stainless letterbox will keep all your delicate mail safe from any vandalism or theft. With the addition of a lock mechanism, there’s no way someone (or something) can damage the insides of your letterbox.

Wooden Letterbox

On the other hand, there’s no doubt that wooden letterboxes have a certain timeless appeal. The natural charm of a wooden letterbox is the perfect choice to grace a traditional exterior. But a wooden letterbox with a more minimalistic aesthetic appeal can fit in more modern settings as well. In the case of wood, you really don’t have to worry about corrosion. However, exposure to moisture can make the wood warp, or even lead to mould and mildew appearing, unless it’s coated with a good layer of protection.

If you want to enjoy the classic beauty of a wooden letter box for years to come, make sure to choose a more durable alternative. There are certain types of wood that are more resistant to outside conditions, with the perfect example being Accoya. Accoya is a modified type of timber that is known for being low-maintenance, sturdy and exceptionally resistant to humidity and UV rays.