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Letterbox Mounting Options Discussed: Wall, Fence or Post?

Despite the easy way to share messages through email and the various social networks and apps, can we just agree snail mail is here to stay for good?

After all, many of us still receive letters and packages at home the old way, and we have the mailboxes to thank for keeping our mail safe from weather elements and thieves. In a time when it’s easy for our mail to be stolen for the purpose of serious crimes like identity theft and fraud, we come to realise the importance of the type of mailbox we have.

Even if you have home protected with a hardwired or wireless security system, you can easily fall prey to thieves unless the safety of your correspondence is also taken care of. Now, in a world of mailbox designs, one might find it difficult to make up their mind on the ideal option.

And besides the safety, one cares about style too, taking the mailbox’s role in the home’s curb appeal. So, in this article, we intend to simplify the decision-making for you by comparing some of the most popular mounting options.

As far as materials go, nothing beats modern timber letterboxes made of Accoya with aluminium and stainless steel elements as they’re eye-catching, low in maintenance, and as durable as can be no matter what the weather puts them through.

The Case for a Wall-Mounted Letterbox


This one is certainly a classic because it’s often the primary choice for people around the world. Is it difficult to see why? Due to the way it’s installed, something that can be guessed by the name (installed on a wall), it essentially becomes an extension of the home.

As it’s typically placed by the front door, it makes for quick and easy mail collection, so much so, you can even do it first thing in the morning in the comfort of your pyjamas while taking a sip of coffee from your favourite mug.

In addition, a wall-mounted timber letterbox can give you the peace of mind when it comes to mail thieves as it’s within the grounds of your property. Thanks to this, it’s also not at risk of vandalism, nor any damages from the weather elements especially if it’s installed on a wall that’s got roof coverage.

Many also love this design for the numerous stylish options that differ in materials and accessories that can help match the letterbox with the façade, door, or any hardware like door knobs or door handles to increase the curb appeal. For instance, if your door has metallic elements, instead of a plain wooden letterbox, you can choose one with a metal frame (could be aluminium or stainless steel), or a metal accessory such as a tiny planter box installed right above the mailbox.

But a Fence-Mounted Isn’t That Bad Either

People who value their privacy aren’t exactly huge fans of the wall-mounted option because the mailman has to enter the property to get to the door and deliver the mail. If this sounds like you, then you should consider getting a fence-mounted design instead which could be installed on the door of any kind of fence – wood, brick or steel.

One more reason to love these letterboxes is they considerably increase your home’s value as they provide a warm and welcoming feeling. This is especially the case with modern timber letterboxes having in mind as a material wood is always a primary choice when it comes to leaving off an inviting vibe.

Besides being a thing of beauty you’d love to look at, such a mailbox would come in handy with the price if you ever decide to sell your home later on. Now, if you’re somewhat worried about safety, considering it’s more exposed to the outside, you can get a model with a strong frame, a discreet lock and a magnetic latch for that extra dose of security.

Perhaps a Post-Mounted Letterbox Is Your Cup of Tea?


Those who prefer something other than these two we’ve already mentioned can opt for one of the most iconic designs which is the post-mounted. Also known as curbside, as it sits alongside the curb or the top of the driveway, it’s considered a traditional option and works perfectly for traditional-style homes.

In terms of placement, it’s most convenient for postmen as it’s visible and easily accessible. Depending on how you want it installed, it can be bolted to existing concrete or installed in the ground and then secured with concrete.

As for accessories, you can get one with a newspaper holder attached to it which, besides being stylish, also happens to come in handy with organising the mail. In case you’d like to further personalise it, you’ve got the option to have the house number engraved on it.