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Planters Vs. Ground: What’s Best For Your Veggies

Every gardener, whether they’re a professional or not, has faced the eternal dilemma: should I plant my veggies on the ground or in a planter? What will be a better choice? Are there some benefits from planting a tomato in a planter or not? The questions are just too many and for first-time gardeners the dilemma is even bigger. The beginners in the gardening world may be overwhelmed by the abundance of gardening products, especially by the many different types of soil that can be found on the market these days. Since the soil is the most important ingredient in the whole amazing “growing vegetables” process, the newbies in gardening can face difficulties in finding out what’s good and what’s not for their plants. But before we get there, let’s first see what will be a better home for your veggies: the ground or the modern planters?


If you’re a beginner, choosing to grow your veggies in modern planters will be the right step for a proper introduction to gardening. If things don’t work out like they should and some of your plants die, you won’t need to patch or re-seed the lawn, because you actually won’t need the lawn at all. One of the greatest advantages of planters is that they are very safe when it comes to spreading diseases and fungus. If a plant gets some kind of contagious disease, it’s less likely to spread it to the other plants in the garden, which is obvious because most of the diseases plants get are from the soil they all share. Also, treating your plants, veggies and fruits from pests will be a hundred times easier and more effective if you use planter gardening. And don’t even get me started on the portability. What’s cooler than having the opportunity to move your beloved veggies from one place to another for a better and more effective result? If your vegetable is not heat-friendly, you can always bring it indoors and place it by the window so it can have the best of both worlds: a cooler environment and sun. The amazing part about planter gardening is that modern planters these days come in so many different designs, colors and shapes and you can use them to create a breathtaking backyard that everyone will secretly envy you about, not only because of the beautifully grown plants, but also because of the stylish planters you chose to decorate your outdoors area with.


And then we have ground gardening on the other hand, which is way more complicated and definitely preferred among advanced and experienced gardeners. First of all you have to get your backyard ready to welcome the veggies and that means a lot of seeding, lawning and patching. Choosing the right garden soil for planting vegetables can be an actual nightmare if you’re not familiar with all the components and nutritive facts a good soil has to offer. Plus, the location of the garden really matters. If there’s not enough shade or sun, some of your veggies might not grow up the way they’re supposed to. Once you plant your veggies in the ground, there’s no turning back. You can’t move them to a cooler or a warmer place, which means before planting them you should examine all the possible good and bad things that can happen to your plants so you can be prepared if anything goes wrong.

Once you’ve made your decision you’ll need to choose the soil you’re going to use and the veggies you’re going to plant. These two things are closely tied, so make sure you purchase the right soil. And in the end if you can’t decide which one will be best for you, why not try both? Although going with modern planters would be easier especially if you’re new to gardening, why not try the old fashioned way and see how good are you at getting your hands dirty? But whatever you choose, don’t forget that veggies need water just like we need food to stay energized and well, alive. Happy gardening!