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Moving: Should I Get a Package Deal or Buy My Own Supplies?

If anyone says they aren’t afraid of the whole process of moving, they’re probably lying. Though the excitement for getting the change of scenery and becoming part of a new neighbourhood is undeniable, I doubt many would agree it also exists regarding every step of the preparations altogether, the packing, transporting and unpacking. There’s more to moving than meets the eye because it takes a great deal of organisational skills to be able to tackle this life changing experience the right way, so there’s always the question whether to hire professionals or take matters into your own hands. Either way, it’s important to keep organisation at an all time high and consider the kind and amount of your belongings that have to be moved.

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Another dilemma arises when it comes to an essential bit of the process – choosing the packing supplies. Regardless of the kind of your move, be it intrastate or interstate, you have to decide whether you’re going to make use of package deals moving companies offer or gather up the supplies yourself. It’s important to have in mind that specialised companies have developed deals that are specific for certain packing needs with all the right packing supplies, such as boxes, tapes, paper and bubble wrap, and you get to choose depending on the size and number of your items. For instance, you may be able to get a certain amount of boxes, perfect for a small move, but a large move requires a large amount logically, which means pouring money down the drain is inevitable. However, when you seek the help of specialists, you’d find the adequate large move package deal with the sufficient quantity of boxes and other needed supplies ideal for your relocating.

If you’re up for a more hands-on experience, you’d consider getting supplies on your own, but rather than being beneficial, it could be more of a drawback as you’d spend a lot of time trying to find the suitable bits and pieces. Sure, you might get supermarkets’ spare boxes, but you’d have more trouble finding bubble wrap and tapes, not to even mention breaking the bank buying each of them individually. Even if you create a list of your items, you still might underestimate the number of supplies needed, which is unlikely to happen when you rely on professionals who have tons of experience. The same goes for getting additional pieces such as covers and pads, as well as the packing peanuts to fill the boxes’ void and prevent damages. Be sure to weigh in the pros and cons carefully, and calculate the costs so you’d make the most of your move.