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Hire Movers Or Do It Yourself

Moving can be a stressful time for anyone, it requires a lot of planning and packing. So when the day of the actual move comes, are you going to do it yourself or hire a profession mover? Doing it yourself is one way to go about it, but hiring a professional can really relieve some of that stress. Below we’ll go over all the different questions you should ask yourself before hiring a professional moving company or deciding if you want to do it yourself.

Where can I find professional removalists? You can easily ask people you know or you can look them up in the Yellow Pages. Another great option we have these days, is that you can easily search for mover in your area online. Online is a great way to see what a company has to offer and if it’s the right one for you. You can find all the contact information so you can get a quote, as well as check out reviews from other people who have hired them. Make sure that they are licensed and have reviews as well as a legitimate business address to make sure you are hiring a legitimate company.

Movers Or DIY

How many things will you need to move? If you have a lot of things then you might want to consider movers. If you have fewer items and you have moved plenty of times before, then all you might need to do is hire a truck for all your belongings. Knowing the size of your home and how much all your things weigh, can help you decide what kind of vehicle you might be needing. You should also remember that moving companies already have all the transportation you need and you should also remember that if you are not moving more than a certain amount, they might not come at all.

How far do you plan on travelling? If you are just going a few streets away then maybe you should just do it yourself. If you are moving quite far or you live in a country that you’re not very familiar with, then hiring professionals is probably the better choice. Prices do vary in different places so always ask how much it will cost you to travel that distance and for everything else that may be included so you can prepare a budget ahead of time.

How complicated will moving be? If you happen to own antiques, valuable items, breakable items, collections, expensive cars, or a lot of appliances that need to be dismantled, then these will all attribute more complications. You can do this yourself but make sure you plan enough time as these things always take more time than you will originally expect. If you want to make things simpler, the moving company should offer services for these items as well. You can also get them insured so if they get damaged during travel, the moving company will compensate you for them. Keep in mind that most policies will state that the moving company will have to pack the items you want to insure to make sure they weren’t damaged before the move.

Who do you want to pack your belongings? If you have a lot of fragile and delicate things and you don’t know how to pack them properly, you might want to leave it to the experts. Moving companies pack things every day and they have all the proper packing equipment you might need. Most regular people will think any old boxes will do and while they are fine for clothes and things that don’t need much protecting, fragile objects should be packed differently. You’ll need boxes with more padding and the right filling to put in the boxes along with your items so they don’t move around too much. Packing companies can supply these items to you or you can buy them yourself.