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Men’s Hat Styles: Comparing Different Types

For many people, hats are the go-to accessory to elevate any outfit. In the past, they represented power and authority but today hats show a sense of fashion. With time, hats have evolved into statement pieces despite their main role of protecting the head and offering warmth. They are practical and come in many styles, making it easier to find the perfect match for any look. And although many of them look alike, there are a few key differences you need to know before buying a hat.

Akubra Hat for Men

Akubra Hat – Men’s Signature Accessory

If you’re looking for the perfect hat to match your casual outfits and business attire, look no further. You can achieve that laid back, classy and at the same time serious look with the Akubra hat. The fact that it’s hand-crafted and carefully designed makes this hat even more valuable and the first choice of many who appreciate its delicate design. Sometimes the process of designing an Akubra hat lasts up to four months, but once it is done, this fashion item will be your loyal companion for many years to come.

Wondering how does the Akubra hat look like? This accessory is made from pure rabbit leather with a crown, decorated with a brim and satin lining. It is a must-have item for every fashionista. When buying an Akubra hat, you will come across a wide range of colours and styles. You can find it in black, hazelnut, navy, white, ochre, shades of brown and sand.

Akubra hats originated from Australia somewhere in the 1800s but nowadays they’re produced all over the world. You can choose from many different crown heights and brim widths. There are also ventilation holes included in their design that make these hats pleasant to wear even on hot summer days as protection from the sun. So besides being beautifully-designed, the Akubra hat is also breathable and functional.

There are more than 100 Akubra hat styles on the market, each with its own signature style and touch. Some are classic western hats with a touch of country. Some have centre-creased western crown with a fancy braided double horsehair. It’s not uncommon to find an Akubra hat that looks exactly like a fedora. Or an Akubra hat with a fedora crown. But still, there is a big difference between the Akubra and the fedora, so next up is everything you need to know about the fedora and how to distinguish one from the other.

Akruba Hat for Men

Fedora Hats – Worn by Detectives and Journalists

Fedora hats date back from the 1880s and are associated with a play performed in the United States. The fist fedora hat was seen in this play by which the fedora hats are also named. The first fedora was centre-creased with a soft brim. Both men and women started wearing fedoras and slowly it became a symbol of style. Even today, fedora hats are associated with an amazing sense of fashion.

The once worn by detectives and journalists fedora can be made from many types of materials and this is the first thing by which you should distinguish the fedora from the Akubra hat. Fedoras can be made from wool, cashmere, beaver felt, cotton, linen, mink and chinchilla blend or leather. Fedoras don’t necessarily have a lining and the brim can be made from leather, cloth or ribbon. Instead of ventilation holes, fedoras can have mesh inlets.

Contemporary fedoras have asymmetrical brims, bright or eccentric colours and patterns with extravagant decorations, although you can still find classic style fedoras if you’re not that edgy.

Fedora Hats

Panama Hats – the True Depiction of Summer

Panama hats may have a similar shape to the Akubra hats and the fedora but believe me when I say they are totally different and are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. The origin-country of the Panama hat is Ecuador. Panama hats have bright colours, are lightweight and breathable because they’re made from straws, palm leaves (from the Carludovica palmata tree), linen or silk.

Fun fact: the process of creating a Panama or Ecuadorian hat is considered an art and added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. It’s entirely made by hand by experienced weavers. You can come across three main types of Panama hats. The first one is the fedora Panama hat. Again, it’s similar but not the same as the fedora. The two are made from different materials and have variations when it comes to their shape.

The second type is the Optimo Panama hat. This one is the original classic style Panama hat famous among people travelling to tropical countries and to an African safari. And the third type is the monte Carlo Panama hat. You can recognise it by its outer edges turned up a bit. It was associated with plantation owners since they were among the ones wearing it.

Panama Hats

Trilby Hats – Frank Sinatra’s Favourite

Trilby hats have a narrow brim that is angled down in the front and slightly turned up in the back. Also, the height of the crown is much smaller in trilby hats than in fedoras.

Trilby hats can be made from different types of materials like tweed, wool, cotton or nylon. Frank Sinatra was famous for wearing and owning many trilby hats. There’s even a type of trilby hat named after him. The Frank Sinatra trilby is sophisticated with a narrow brim and mid-height crown that can easily be paired with different outfits for various occasions.

Another way to distinguish the trilby hat from the fedora is by the way people wear it. Trilby hats are positioned further back on the head opening up the face, while fedoras are worn quite the opposite. Fedoras even create a shade on the eyes and are considered more mysterious.