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LED Pool Lights vs Fiber Optic Pool Lights

There are many differences between LED pool lights and fiber optic pool lights. When it comes to choosing your own pool lighting sometimes it can be difficult to know what the better choice is. There are certain factors that come into play just like when you are shopping for something else. With pool lights, the questions you need be asking are how difficult is it to change the light bulb? How often do they need to be replaced? How well do they work? Are they worth the money? And how safe are they? These are all valid question that we will go over. We will touch on all the advantages and disadvantages you should know.

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The first thing you should know is how difficult both of these lights are to change. Both of these lights are relatively easy to change. There is some misconception that you need to lower the water level of your swimming pool to remove and change the bulb, this is not true. The entire process for LED lights takes about 15-30 minutes, fiber optic pool lights, however, are much quicker to change and take less than five minutes.

LED lights are generally a little more expensive when it comes to price but they prices also vary depending on the model. These lights are worth the investment as LED pool lights seem to last anywhere from 7-15 years. Fiber optic lights are a little cheaper, but once again can be more expensive as well depending on what kind of model you choose. They last about 3-7 years before they need replacing and it is important to remember that these lights also have different components that might fail that will also need to be replaced over time.

As far as how bright they will light your pool up a large LED light will light up a large pool quite well. You can use two smaller ones and opposite ends of the pool for the same effect. Fiber optic pool lights work well but not as well as an LED pool light. You will need more of these to achieve the same effect, you can always get more of course to light up the pool area, but this means investing and spending more money for the same thing an LED can do with half the cost.

There has been some concern about LED pool lights as the voltage is actually in the water, but there are so many installed and little to no accidents. This is where fiber optic lights have the advantage as they have literally no wiring or electricity in the water. Everything is located at patio level making it safer than the LED pool lighting.

So after reading all the information which of these lights wins? Well, it’s a tough one to say at the end of the day, but I think that most of the evidence stands for LED pool lighting as the winner. They are cost effective, will save you money, and last a lot longer. They also will light up your area more efficiently which we know fiber optic lights do not do as well. Of course, you should base your decision on what kind of lighting you think would suit you more and fits the needs of your lifestyle and home. If safety is something you want 100% guaranteed and easier replacement then fiber optic lights are the winners, if you want durability and something that does its job then LED pool lights are the way to go.