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Fashion and Style Tips for Tall Men

Being tall has always been something we as a society look upon with awe and admiration. Ever since ancient times, and even before that, tallness has been one characteristic that was always seen as attractive, with many men especially, yearning for a few extra centimetres on that height chart.

Yes, being tall is something we as a society admire, but for the people that are actually tall, it can be a little bit tricky. As much as it’s something admirable, it seems like many industries just forget about the fact that tall people exist. The average height has taken over everything, from construction to the clothing industry, leaving tall men to try and find their way around places and items that are just not a great fit.

If you’re one such tall man, you’ll know that shopping for clothes is usually a nightmare. Most pants are either too short or too loose and most shirts and t-shirts come down to your belly button. The items that do fit are usually plain and without much character, and if you’re someone who values their sense of fashion, this can really be an issue.

In the end, you just end up getting whatever it was that fits instead of the items you really liked, compromising your style. I feel you and because of that, I’d like to offer some shopping advice so you could always be dressed as you please, without having to compromise on anything.

big and tall mens t shirts


Look for “Tall” Clothing Items

As I said before, many industries cater to the average body type, but with recent movements and calls for action it has become pretty obvious that not everyone fits that category, and luckily, clothing manufacturers listened. Because of this, just as “plus-size” is a category for women, “tall” items are a category to accommodate men.

Used for both bottoms and tops, you can find a store that sells big and tall mens t shirts as well as pants with extra length that will allow you to feel comfortable and will cover up everything you need them to cover up. Long men’s shirts and trousers usually cost the same as any other item of the same category, they only cater to the part of the population which needs that extra bit of fabric. Made with the same materials as all the other items, tall tees for men, as well as tall trousers will give you a comfortable feel and a comfortable look.

The really great thing about these items, aside from the fit, is the fact that because they are made with accessibility in mind they come in a variety of different styles, colours, cuts, patterns, and so on. This means that you won’t have to compromise anymore and get whatever shirt is available in your size, but actually take your pick and construct your very own outfits, exactly as everyone else does! This way, you won’t have to adjust your fashion sense to your clothes, but approach it the other way around.

Urbanwear Stores


Shop from Urbanwear Stores

Even though tall fashion can be found in many stores around Australia, the places that really have the variety and choices are usually urban wear stores. Urbanwear stores usually carry items that are looser, bigger, and do have that extra bit of fabric that some people call a fashion statement and you call a regular tee.

Because they’re made for a specific type of fashion, you can be sure that you will be able to find prints and cuts you like as well as many plain options to choose from coming in a variety of styles you can choose from!

As the name suggests, urban wear stores should be your go-to when you’re shopping for casual, everyday clothes such as tees, sweatpants, hoodies, shorts, jeans, and so on.

What’s more, you can usually find shoes in sizes that fit you in these stores as well, making them the perfect destination to shop for a full casual outfit in, all in one swing.

Suits custom clothing


Order Custom Clothing

This is a suggestion that has more to do with elegant and special occasion items than everyday pieces. You can find tall suits as well as tall men’s shirts and trousers in regular stores that sell clothing for special occasions, but chances are that you’ll still have to make a compromise, get items that are looser than what you need and then take them to be altered to fit you just right.

If you’re okay with this process, that’s great, you’ve found an easy way that works for you and that’s completely fine! However, if you’re not a fan of having to go through multiple steps just to get a suit for a wedding or any other special occasion, you can consider having it made just for you.

Suits are such items that we buy every once in a while and they stay in our closet until the opportunity arrives to take them out and dress up. Because of this, I’d really recommend having custom suits made, as they will be in your life for a long time and are definitely worth the investment.

You can also ask your tailor for advice on where to get the best formal shoes. They usually have inside knowledge and will be able to help you out in your search.

The Bottom Line


The Bottom Line

I hope these three tips will help you out on your shopping journeys in the near future and will offer new alternatives you can use to really make outfits you like.

Big and tall mens t shirts, tall men’s trousers, hoodies that are long enough, shorts that don’t look like they’re straight out of the 80s – you can have all this if you know where and how to shop and I hope that by now you have a rough idea!

Look around stores in your area as well as online to make sure you can find the items that fit your body type best and go express yourself! There’s really nothing like making a statement with your clothes while still being comfortable at the same time!