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Sports and Urban Wear: How Does Champion Compare to Other Brands?

One of the most casual dressing styles, the so-called urban wear, sportswear or streetwear, is a fashion style that has been around, changing, transforming, picking up new traits, and attracting new followers since the 1970s. With followers from different countercultures and subcultures adopting and inspiring this style over the years, with parts of it leaking into the mainstream, parts disappearing and reappearing almost cyclically – it’s definitely been one of the greatest inspirations to many designers and fashion brands in the last decades.

Champion apparels


The Quality and Style that Return

For a time, Champion was somewhat forgotten, but fortunately, it wasn’t entirely gone, and with 1990s fashion becoming huge in the last years, the brand is really back. In fact, it has existed for a century, and it somehow always manages to return to the scene.

This is one of the brands that, willingly or unwillingly, have greatly influenced casual urban fashion styles. In the 1990s it has been greatly accepted by athletes, with the brand producing the uniforms for all NBA teams and some NFL teams. However, it also becomes a brand that was loved by the followers of different subcultures and countercultures. For instance, it was big in the hip-hip, the hardcore punk scene, as well as amongst skaters.

Though this may not have been the intention of the company, that’s how it becomes a great influence in this style. And while it may not have been as popular as other brands, Champion is undoubtedly one of the best ones, creating trends and improving quality for decades now.

This is why, when we talk about streetwear or sportswear, Champion is a brand that shouldn’t stay unnoticed. And not only because of its influence, either. Much more importantly, Champion apparels are high-quality, comfortable pieces that you’ll be able to wear for years to come. So, if you are someone who likes comfortable urban clothes or if you are an athlete, and if on top of that you also appreciate quality and hard-wearing clothes – adding Champion clothes to your wardrobe is a must.

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The Invention of the Hoodie

Yes, Champion is responsible for our beloved hoodie. If you try to think about it, you can certainly remember a lot of characters in films, series or music videos, as well as a lot of your friends walking around with some cool hooded sweatshirt. Now, try imagining streetwear without the hoodie. So, it’s exactly the hoodie what set’s Champion apart, and one of the reasons why it can never be tossed aside. And although their products were meant to be worn by athletes, and the hooded sweatshirt was made for practicality, we all know how different fashion would be without this simple, yet ingenious, so versatile and popular invention. However, this isn’t where the brand’s influence on fashion ends.

reverse weave champion


Other Achievements

Champion is also the pioneer of the “reverse weave”, a manufacturing technique that has made it possible for sports clothes to last longer, by helping them maintain the shape longer, as well as fight shrinking. Because of this, Champion apparels are some of the hardest-wearing pieces out there, that last for years. This is also the brand behind the first comfortable supportive jogging bra for women, the first reversible tee, the first breathable mesh shorts…

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A Brand that Makes You Feel Good

Champion is one of those brands that can make you feel good about yourself. When we are buying clothes, apart from finding something we feel comfortable wearing, something that appeals to our personal taste, we should also always take our impact on the environment into consideration, and, of course, about our budget.

Brands that get very popular or famous also get very expensive very fast. And high-end designer brands, even more so. And while it’s true that the materials they use are far better quality then fast-fashion brands, the truth is that most of the times people aren’t really paying those high prices for the clothing piece itself, but for the names of the brand. Smart people aim for something in between. And in between are mid-tier level brands that offer clothes that will last long, look good, and have a reasonable price, like Champion.

Buying high-quality garments from good brands are not only good for your pocket, in the long run, but also for our planet. People wearing streetwear, regardless of weather they do so because they are athletes or because of fashion are often people with a high level of awareness of social and environmental problems. With so many companies attributing in fast fashion, though it does provide cheaper clothing, we know how negatively it affects the environment. And when we decide to buy clothes that will last a long time, we ensure less textile waste.


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