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Home Interiors Ideas – With or Without Carpet

clean-carpetDecorating you apartment or a house is always fun because you have lots of ideas on your mind and lots of designs to choose from. Nevertheless, design is a flexible thing as there really is no right or wrong design. However, home decoration is similar to fashion and it has it’s own trends that people follow. For instance, modern home ideas are starting to exclude carpets as a must-have accessory in a home and are including wooden floors and tiles as a much simpler and modern solution, which by the way frees you from using carpet cleaning services. But carpets have been around for ages in homes and some people strongly feel that they cannot pass a winter without a warm carpet under their feet. So what is the right choice – a warm and thick carpet or a naked wooden floor?

Carpets are generally perceived as details that any room in a home must have. Maybe it is a matter of tradition, but carpets are really helpful during cold winters in old buildings where isolation is not as good. Also, most carpets can fit really well with vintage houses that have a fireplace and leather furniture as they add to the warmth of a house.

Sometimes carpets can be used only for protection purposes in factories or offices. These are usually all room carpets that come in one color and can be found at low prices. Hence, companies can change them over time once they become worn out or can pay monthly fees for using carpet cleaning services.

While we said that wooden floors and tiles is a modern trend in home design, there is more to it. First of all, when you choose not to use carpets, you also save a lot of money for using carpet cleaning services. So the money that you would pay for cleaning services and detergents can be saved and used for some other home improvement.

Despite the fact that you save money on cleaning carpets, you will also save a lot of energy you’d normally spend on cleaning stains. And all types of carpets are prone to stains. Therefore, some beverages like coffee and blueberry juice can leave some very hard stains that will make you work your socks off to remove them.

Thick carpets can be a real magnet for dust and tiny critters that can live in your carpet without you even noticing them. No matter how often you vacuum the carpet, it will never be 100% clean unless you start using carpet cleaning services at least once a year.