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Robotic Vs Regular Floor Cleaning Mops

Doesn’t it feel frustrating when you spend hours cleaning the floors and at the end you are still able to see dust particles? Does it seem like dust comes back just a minute after you are done moping? Pick a suitable mop and you will say goodbye once and for all to this daunting problem that seems to trouble most housewives.

If you have been wondering whether it is your cleaning habits or the mop that fails to dust properly, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of regular versus robotic ones. Stay open for new technologies, they certainly have a lot to offer.


Regular Mop

The best thing about regular mops is that they are very affordable and come with microfibre pads which can be substituted and washed. They easily pick up dust and crumbs. Regular mops are a great way to clean floors without using much chemicals. The head rotates which enables you to clean in the crannys and nooks. Moreover, the handle extends which helps save you from back pains. Regular mops are also kid-friendly.

Robotic Mop

We are aware that the last thing you want to do after hustling the whole day, is to have a hard time cleaning the floors. The innovative technology of robotic floor cleaners has made it possible to multitask. Make the dull act of cleaning and dusting more interesting and bring your everyday routines to a higher level using the amazing robotic cleaning mop. All you have to do is to turn on the small robotic cleaner and leave it to wipe dust particles on its own. You will fall in love with the simple design and its great efficiency.

Clean floors in just a few minutes with basically no effort. Now this is a huge step in the world of cleaning products. These amazing robotic mops can run for two hours before recharging and they can also tumble down the stairs. They can handle sharp corners and turns as well as pick up crumbs while at the same time being fairly quiet. Fun and efficient at the same time. Who knew this was possible?

At the end, it all comes down to your needs and preferences. If your budget allows it, pick a robotic mop and make the exhausting cleaning routines simpler. However, if you decide to opt for regular dust mops, you will not be let down either. They do require your efforts but they are an inexpensive solution to get dust-free, shiny floors.