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The Battle of the Office Chair – Mesh Vs. Leather

If you’re in need of a good office chair that will be your best ally in long working days when leaving the office seems like mission impossible, you are in the right place. Trust me – I know the struggle and I know how hard it can be to find one that will just ‘click’ with your body and will offer you the needed support and comfort. After all, you want to choose a model that will make you feel enough comfy so that you feel ready to tackle the tasks of the day but not that much so that you doze off at your desk.

Leather Office Chair

There are a few general things to pay attention to when buying an office chair like proper back support, headrest, and armrests. But what about the material? What are the best choices when it comes to comfort, durability, and maintenance? Introducing the seemingly never-ending battle between the two most common materials for office chairs: mesh vs. leather. Let’s take a closer look at their specific features and see which one wins.


When it comes to comfort, both leather and office mesh chairs are in a tight race. However, I’d say that mesh wins this race because it is a breathable material. In other words, it keeps you cool during summertime and feels pleasantly warm during the colder days. On the other hand, leather office chairs look more luxurious, however, they are a bit more challenging in this regard. They can get really sticky to your skin when the weather is warmer and feel rather cold to your body when it is cold which can be rather unpleasant. Despite their skinny appearance and mesh extending across the frame, office mesh chairs offer excellent support for the back and have a firm construction that can support all body shapes.

Mesh Chair


The lifetime of an office chair is an important factor that requires paying serious attention to when choosing the right one for you. When you compare a high-quality leather chair with a high-quality mesh chair I would say that both are a great choice but then again, both of them have some disadvantages. For example, mesh chairs are known to stretch a bit and lose their form over time if not properly taken care of, while leather chairs may start peeling if they come into contact with the edges of the desk or are not properly cleaned.


When you compare both options, mesh seems to be the friendlier choice. Mesh chairs are light and easier to move around than their leather counterparts, which makes them much more convenient. The easiest way to keep your mesh chair clean is by simply vacuuming it and using a mixture of soap and water to clean any stains. Leather chairs are susceptible to fading when directly exposed to sunlight but they are rather easy to clean – just gently wipe the chair with a vacuum cleaner that has soft brushes or use a dry cloth to collect the dust.


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