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Fabric Vs Leather Sofas: Which Should You Pick

When people are looking to buy sofa bed for their home, they usually get confused because of the wide array of designs and colours available on the market. Buying the right sofa is such a big thing since it is the piece of furniture that takes the central spot in the room. Thus, it is important that it is stylish, quality, comfortable and it complements your existing décor. Today, furniture manufacturers produce sofa beds in various designs and colours, but besides choosing the right style and colour, there is another important thing determine – the material. Leather or fabric?

Fabric Vs Leather Sofas

I gathered some of the pros and cons of both types of sofa beds so you can make a more informed decision in case you need to buy sofa bed.

Comfort – When it comes to comfort, fabric is the wiser choice. The material is not the only factor that determines whether a certain sofa is comfortable or not – framing and the support system are also important. However, the first feeling you get when you sit on a sofa bed is your touch with the fabric. Leather is considered as a less comfortable material to sit on since it absorbs heat much faster when compared to fabric. This means the sofa will feel warm after sitting on it for a while, and it will also feel cold when you sit on it for the first time.

Maintenance – Depending on the type and the quality of the material, fabric sofas have a different lifespan. Cleaning a fabric sofa can also be an easy task as there is a wide range of cleaning products available on the market that come at affordable prices. On the other hand, leather sofas are more prone to scratches but compared to the fabric they are much easier to maintain. All a leather sofa requires is light dusting and vacuuming. Therefore, if you don’t have any pets in your home, leather is the wiser choice.

AppearanceLeather sofas are the perfect choice if you want to add a touch of elegance to a room, but it does not mean you cannot achieve this with fabric sofas too. Fabric sofas are available in a wide array of designs that can match just any interior décor and style. So, when it comes to this feature, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Health – Your health condition should also be an important factor when choosing the right sofa. For example, if you or some family member suffers from allergies, a leather sofa is your best bet since leather is known as hypoallergenic. This means that it does not collect dust and other particles that may cause allergies.

Budget – Quality is the main factor that will determine the cost of a certain sofa bed. You can find extremely expensive fabric sofas made of a good material and a sturdy framing. However, you can also buy a leather sofa for the same price range. The best strategy when you buy sofa is to compare prices and features that every model offers. Your personal preferences are something you should also take into account when making the final decision. After all, it is you who will use the sofa most of the time.