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Outdoor Couch: Rattan vs. Other Common Materials

What better than a sunny day, a pitcher of cold lemonade, and a relaxing outdoor couch to enjoy a beautiful hot weather? In fact, an outdoor couch is the most cherished outdoor accessory due to the widespread appeal it offers, and this has made it become a must have unit for outdoor entertainment and garden patios. Its appeal has led many manufacturers to start producing different kinds of outdoor sofas, thus today you can find ones that satisfy basically all kinds of tastes and outdoor spaces.

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From the many factors you will have to consider when shopping for an outdoor couch, the most important one is the material it is made from. Rattan is the most popular type of material found in outdoor furniture. Moreover, the size, shape and comfort level of the couch are also important factors to keep in mind. And while you can purchase your couch from any large retail furniture store, if you are a savvy buyer who likes to save both time and money, online retailers are the way to go as they offer a wider variety of outdoor couch options at better prices.

Rattan as a Material for Outdoor Couches

Since rattan is the most common type of material used for outdoor sofas, you as a buyer should become familiar with its benefits: weather resistant, great strength and appropriate weight as well as susceptibility to stains and paints.

Weather Resistance

Because most of the rattan furniture is designed to be weather resistant, you do not have to worry much about it in bad weather conditions. Properly stained and sealed rattan couches can withstand changes in the weather and even resist water.

Strength and Weight

The main benefits of rattan are its strength and portability due to its relatively low weight. An outdoor couch made of rattan is easy to move, it is quite durable and can withstand a great deal of weight.

Staining and Painting

These pieces of furniture have an amazing ability to absorb a range of stains and dyes. This advantage makes them extremely popular, plus, they can be found in a variety of colours.

Other Materials for Outdoor Couches

Although rattan is the most popular one for outdoor furniture, other materials are also available such as plastic, steel, aluminum and iron. While these are not used frequently, they can be a great option in certain cases.


Featuring similar properties as rattan, plastic outdoor couches are usually durable, lightweight and weather resistant. The main difference between rattan and plastic furniture is in their look. It all depends on the ambiance you want to achieve in your outdoor area.

Steel, Aluminum, and Iron

Today it is pretty uncommon to find outdoor furniture made from metals such as iron, aluminum and steel. Anyway, some of the most durable outdoor furniture pieces are made from these materials. But beware, these couches can be exceptionally heavy and expensive as well.