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Queen vs. King Single Mattress

There is no greater pleasure than sleeping. You are probably thinking of some other pleasures that we all find intoxicating, however, for that too you need a good bed, or more specifically, a good mattress. Firstly let’s get one thing straight, the main difference between these two is the width. The decision can be hard, however, through this article you will find out which mattress is the best.

King Single Mattress

King Single Mattress
A king single mattress bed is the first and perfect choice for couples. The king size mattress is wider than the queen sized, hence it is more roomy and cozier. It offers the same room as buying two twin XL sized mattresses placed next to each other. A good king single mattress offers 97 cm of sleeping space per individual, allowing more room for stretching, turning and tossing without waking up the other person. King size beds are usually used in master bedrooms, but if you have the extra cash you can even use it for your guest room. The frame that is needed for this mattress must have several more centre support besides the normal ones. Nevertheless, you can specify the required needs before you make the order for the frame.

Queen Single Mattress

queen mattress

Queen single mattress is usually chosen for the guest room or if you are sleeping alone. Some couples use this type of bed too since it provides 76 of width per person, but bare in mind that not having enough space can negatively affect your sleep. Though they are a bit cheaper than the king sized, they only real reason to opt for this type is if you are the only person sleeping in that bed. Although they also are made from the same materials as the king sized mattress, they lack the comfort when you sleep and you might feel as if you are stuck in a box. The frame of the queen sized is similar to that of the king sized because it also requires to have additional centre support besides the normal ones, which are usually provided by the manufacturer.

King vs. Queen

Which one you’ll pick still depends on your individual needs. However, at this particular moment, the king sized mattress rules the market due to its comfort, size and adaptability which queen sized ones lack. Even though they are more expensive, it is worth it since you are investing in the most crucial part of your day, when you sleep and gather energy for the upcoming day.