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Sandals with Socks: A Trendy Combo or a Fashion No-No?

For a very long time, wearing socks with sandals was worthy of arrest by the fashion police. Lately, however, this combo has become a trend adopted by many, only this time it can look kinda cool, of course, if you know how to properly wear these two items together.

Sandals with Socks in the Past

socks with sandals old ways

The socks and sandals combination has deep historical roots. In ancient times, people happily strolled around town wearing socks and sandals (apparently the ancient Romans were keen on this look 2000 years ago). Even the Greek poet Hesiod mentioned this combo in his poem ”Works and Days”. So in ancient times, this was a usual thing to wear. But until recently, white socks and sandals were associated with something that only seniors would wear to keep their feet warm and those with a very bad taste. The critics would claim that this duo is silly and even awful looking. After all, if it’s hot enough to wear sandals, why would one wear socks with them? And isn’t this combination absolutely useless in muddy situations or if it starts raining? Most crucially, a bunch of people simply considered this look an eyesore and a high crime of fashion.

Sandals with Socks Nowadays

NewDarlings-Teva-SocksnSandals Birkenstocks

So, wearing socks and sandals isn’t a novelty, it’s just that only recently it became a fashion trend. Nowadays it seems that everyone, from the cool youths that dictate the rules of street fashion to Hollywood celebrities like David Beckham, Gigi Hadid and Kanye West have all embraced what was once considered as an anti-fashion statement. And to the surprise of many, it can actually work. Even portals and lifestyle and fashion magazines have been enthusiastically reporting that the former fashion no-no is now a trendy combo. Personally, I think that it can look edgy and cool. It certainly takes bravery to wear this combination cause in a way, you are declaring that you don’t really care what others think, which is the essence of coolness.

But not can every sandal and sock combination has what it takes to pull off the trick of the high fashion label. Pairing socks with sandals is a look that can easily go wrong and therefore you need the right type of sandals and socks. The key thing to consider when attempting this pairing is the thickness of the sock, the pattern and of course the shoe itself.

Birkenstocks sandals with colorful socks

Unless you are throwing the garbage or maybe you are on a college campus doing laundry, you don’t want to wear socks with athletic-style sandals. Instead, you can try socks with birkenstock sandals. These German-made shoes look chunky, original and have many adjustable straps which makes them easily worn with socks. Moreover, they are very comfortable to wear and have been designed to encourage and support healthy walking habits. They have anatomical mould that follows the natural shape of the foot and deep heel cup that cradles the foot and provides stability. The toe bar allows for the natural gripping motion of the foot which increases circulation and helps strengthen the arch tissue.

Girl in yellow with Birkenstocks sandals

Slipping on a pair of socks with birkenstock sandals doesn’t have to be over the top to make an impression. A more subtle approach would be to pair socks of the same or similar shade with the sandals. If you are hesitant to try this styling trick, ease into it by wearing black socks with black birkenstock footwear. While you are still participating in the trend, you won’t have to worry about making a flashy statement quite yet. Maybe later, once you feel comfortable with it, you can give printed socks a try.

The thickness of the socks you are pairing with the birkenstock shoes should be also considered. Thin to medium thick socks could work, while sporty or thicker sock can ruin this look and look trashy.

The key to not looking completely ridiculous while pulling off the socks-and-sandals combo is to always keep your overall look in mind. Let’s say you’re wearing something simple, like a plain shirt dress or denim jeans and a white t-shirt. In case you want to add a little something extra to make your look pop, then you can try this combo. Socks that match your satchel? That’s another way to turn a neutral blouse-and-skirt combo into a whole new look.

Birkenstocks sandals cozy mood girl

Apart from giving your outfit a bit of an fashion edge when paired with socks, birkenstock sandals can extend the use of your open-toed summer footwear into the cooler months. With an outwear of your choice, this combo can be rocked when the temperatures are dropping.