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Plastic Moving Tubs vs. Cardboard Boxes: Which Is the Better Choice

The day has finally come. You need to start packing your belongings and move them to your new home. I bet you are super excited. I was too when me and my husband bought our new home and finally moved out of the old one. Finding your perfect home is one thing, but moving into it is a totally different matter. It is a process that requires time, knowledge, patience and of course, the right packing supplies. Yes, you will probably need packing paper, packing tape, shrink wrap and most importantly – boxes to store all of your belongings and make them easy to move to your new location.

When the time for choosing packing boxes comes, you’ll be confronted with a variety of choices. Nevertheless, the most commonly used options today are drastically different – plastic moving tubs and cardboard boxes. Which one you choose depends on your needs and of course, the level of safety you want. Plastic tubs have become increasingly popular and available in the last few years. They are considered as a better choice for many reasons.

Moving Boxes

  • SimplePlastic moving tubs are pre constructed and your only job is to fill them with all the things you need to pack and move. You won’t need to fold or tape them which will save you hours of hard work.

    Stackable – Another reason why you should consider plastic tubs is their design. They are made to fit snugly together, which means moving them in a large number is easy. Plus, they will also take less space in your moving vehicle.

  • Durable – Let’s admit it, plastic can not compare with cardboard when it comes to durability. Plastic is much tougher which means your stuff in the plastic tubs will be safe while being transported to your new home. Moreover, they won’t collapse while moving them from one place to another by hand.
  • Reusable – If the cardboard boxes survive their trip to the new location, your mission is complete. Unfortunately, this type of boxes will probably not be in a good condition to be used again so you’ll need to throw them away after only one use. On the other hand, plastic moving tubs are reusable – you can use them over and over again and that is why they are also called ‘eco-boxes’.

However, although they are a better choice in most cases, there are some situations where cardboard boxes may be just fine.

  • Small Moves – If you move only small part of your home (maybe just a few shelves from your bedroom for the time being), cardboard boxes might be a better choice.
  • No Budget – If you compare the prices of plastic and cardboard boxes, you will notice that the second option is the less expensive one. The best part about cardboard boxes is that you can find them for free. You can look for them in some of your local stores – if the people working there don’t need them, they might give you the boxes for free.