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Not All Bad vs. Great: Must-Haves for Your Outdoor Adventures to Kick Things up a Notch

What makes you want to repeat a camping or hiking trip again and again? What makes an outdoor adventure unforgettable? That would be meticulous preparation and the use of high-tech gadgets. In order to experience nature to the fullest and feel nothing but comfort while doing so, you need gadgets that are both handy and super functional.

Binoculars Help You See at Long Distances


Binoculars come in really handy during outdoor activities. You can never be too prepared for an adventure outside the comfort of your home, so don’t consider the binocular as a luxury but a necessity. The binoculars help you see things that are distant and difficult to see with the naked eye.

Binoculars are made from two telescopes and reflecting prisms whose focus and sharpness can further be adjusted according to your needs. The prisms are the ones that allow for light to pass through and that helps with the creation of the closeup image. With the help of a binocular Australia stores sell, you can see objects that are far away from you, many times bigger and clearer.

You can buy binoculars online and choose from two types: binoculars with roof prism and ones with Porro prism. Roof prism binoculars are lightweight and slim, very easy to manoeuvre and have an H-shape. They have a bit more complex internal design and that’s why they’re more expensive but extremely functional.


Porro prism binoculars have a zig-zag design which makes the final image clearer and 3-dimensional. Compared to roof prism binoculars, ones with Porro prisms are bulkier, bigger and heavier. You need to consider that before making a choice.

There are a lot of different sizes of binoculars. You can choose a big one or a small binocular that you can keep in your pocket. Don’t let the size fool you. Just because the binoculars are small it doesn’t mean that they aren’t powerful. Regardless of the size, a binocular Australia stores provide will be made to deliver great results even if the conditions outside are far from perfect.

Binoculars are waterproof and have a special coating on top that prevents the lenses from getting damaged. They are also shock resistant and robust – ideal for hiking, camping, hunting and exploring nature.

The Life Straw can Provide You with Clean Water


The life straw is the perfect solution for when you don’t have clean water to drink because it can transform any water source into a water source that’s safe to drink. The life straw looks precisely like a straw (hence the name) but it’s bigger and equipped with a couple of water filters that do an excellent job at filtering out the water and making it 100% clean. The life straw filter works on the same principles as human kidneys do. The membranes have microscopic pores that retain dirt, bacteria, parasites, sand etc.

The filters of the life straw are very strong. They successfully remove 99.9% of the contaminants providing you with water that is completely clean and safe to drink. This means that if you get life straws with microfilters, you will be able to drink water from ponds without having second thoughts. This gadget is really useful for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Even if you happen to run out of clear drinkable water, you’ll be able to drink water with the life straw.

How long does a life straw filter last? If you’re not using the life straw regularly, it can last you for quite a long time. It is estimated that a single life straw can filter around 4000l of water which is impressive. One person can use it for over 5 years before having to change it for a new one.

Life straws were developed primarily for people living in third countries that don’t have clean tap water at disposal for day to day use. But they are also an amazing survival tool for all the fans of outdoor activities. You won’t have to worry about having clean drinkable water because the straw can transform even the dirtiest and most contaminated water into one that is safe to drink.

LED Headlamps Come in Handy at Night


What’s better than a flashlight? That would be a headlamp. The headlamp has the same features as basic flashlights do with the sole difference that the headlamps allow you to have your hands free to do something else.

The headlamp is probably the most convenient lighting solution for outdoor activities. They are made to be super comfortable to wear and are very easy to get a hold of. You can go for a basic headlamp of 100-150 lumens or if you need something brighter you have headlamps with 300 lumens that can transform the night into day.

You can go for a headlamp with basic AA batteries or get one with rechargeable batteries. Although the AA batteries last quite a long as well, it’s better if you go for the rechargeable batteries.

Try Dehydrated Food for a Change

What is dehydrated food? Dehydrated food has gone through a drying process and one that doesn’t contain moisture. This is so that its lifespan can be much longer. Unlike basic food, dehydrated food is long-lasting and doesn’t get spoiled easily and that’s why it is considered to be the best option for an outdoor adventurer.


You can’t cook an entire meal from scratch while you’re out there in the middle of nowhere no matter how equipped you are. It’ll never be as good as the things you cook at home. So, instead of going through all that trouble, you should get yourself dehydrated camping meals. With them, you can prepare a decent meal in a few minutes using nothing but warm water. Dehydrated food is the synonym of convenience. Also, you don’t need to be a skilled chef to prepare a dehydrated meal. The preparation process is as easy as they come.

Your choice is not limited at all when it comes to dehydrated food. You can find all sorts of vegetables, fruits, meat and ready-to-eat meals. For instance, you can go for a chicken Thai curry food, soy chicken, beef and pasta, spaghetti Bolognese, roasted chicken, lamb casserole, packed breakfast, mushrooms, tuna, apples, blueberries, mango, strawberries and so on.

All you need to do is let the dehydrated camping meals simmer with boiling water until they become soft and juicy again and that is it. You can proceed to enjoy your super fast, super easy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Packing dehydrated food is a lot better than packing snacks only or packing raw food that requires lengthy preparation. Dehydrated food contains all the nutrients you need and this is the best option for you if you want something that doesn’t contain preservatives, added sugars and chemicals. Dehydrated meals have a long shelf life and are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

A Watch That Has GPS

You don’t need to have maps and compasses packed into your backpack to be able to find the spot you’re looking for or find your way back. All you need is a watch equipped with GPS. Can it get cooler than that? The GPS device is the most compact thing that you can use to get real-time location information and avoid getting lost in the middle of nowhere. It can happen even to the best to sometimes lose their path and wander off. What’s important is to have a way to get back on track. GPS watches also work with batteries and have quite a long battery life (up to 200 hours). This is a gadget on which you can rely fully.