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Meditation Mat: Where Your Mind, Body and Soul Meet

Yoga and meditation are something that is practised by a lot of people all over the world. While having the right equipment is not necessary, it is a nice added bonus. Most experts will probably not need any equipment, but if you are a beginner having the right tools is necessary. One thing most people can agree on is having a good meditation mat or better known as a yoga mat. Below we will be covering just how having the right meditation mat can really improve your meditation and yoga.

Meditation Mat

Provides Warmth

This is an added bonus, especially when those winter months come around. This might not be such a big deal for someone who practices hot yoga, but if you don’t, it can provide a layer of insulation between you and the cold floor. Staying in a position or lying on a cold floor is just plain uncomfortable, so having a meditation mat makes this more comfortable.

Improves Your Balance

While you will eventually improve your balance by practising yoga, the right mat can get you there faster. It cushions your feet giving you more support and making it a little easier and much more comfortable while you are still finding your rhythm. It also makes adjusting your position a lot easier and decreases the risk of you hurting your joints in the process. Even the great masters of yoga still use mats long after they have achieved perfect balance.


More Cushioning

Having a little extra padding is a huge bonus when it comes to meditation and yoga. You can find a huge variety in the thickness that mats come in as well meaning you can find thinner ones and thicker ones. Thick ones are great for people who have past injuries and frail joints; they are also great for beginners. Thinner ones are great for people who have more experience and don’t need the thick mat anymore.

Better Grip & Traction

This is probably the most popular reason that people buy meditation and yoga mats in the first place. There is nothing worse than not being able to stay in a position because you keep sliding everywhere. Not only can this cause you an injury but it can also interfere with your concentration and breathing. It is necessary that you have your body solidly planted on the ground before you start a session of yoga or meditation.