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Inline Vs Quad Skates

Choosing the right kind of skates can make the difference between a comfortable glide and a terrible ride. There is a great dividing line between inline and quad skates, each type targeting the different needs and skating preferences. Every reliable online skate store should be able to offer a great variety of both kinds. Read on to learn more about the differences between the two and let us help you make up your mind.


Inline Skates

Inline skates have their wheels are set up in one line – hence the name. Unlike quad skates, inline skates usually don’t have a brake in the front. However, there are models that have breaks in order to suit the needs of the first time skaters and those who simply want to feel more secure. These

The so called aggressive model of inline skates comes with a large gap between the center two wheels for better grinding and of course – no breaks. Furthermore, they have a grove at the side of the boot, and a wider sole area.

A flexible cuff that allows you to bend forward and backward, and from side to side is also one of the remarkable features that these skates comprise. Since they have high tops, just like boots, they hold your ankles pretty tight, giving you a feeling of security and balance.


Quad Skates

The setup of the wheels on this type of skates is similar to that of a car. The wide wheel base offers the comfort inline skates lack, but this statement is not true for everyone, it all really depends on the first skating experience and the first impression that one has formed then. If you are not planning to skate on long tracks and increase the speed every other time, you might want to opt for this type.

Also, if you are aiming for a more vintage look, inline skates simply won’t do, but with these ones you’ll look as if you came back from old times. Additionally, quad skates may be divided into four different categories, that render them suitable for every age and personal requirements.

Once you decide what type of wheel setup sounds more like your kind of ride, you simple need to visit an online skate store that abounds in different models and choose the best one for you. While it is true that the aesthetic aspect is very important your speed and safety preferences should your true guide.