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Small Kitchen Appliances – Online vs. Offline Shopping

While we all complain about tight kitchen space, stop buying small kitchen appliances is not an option. Plus, over the recent years cooking has evolved into a desirable hobby and increasing number of people try to make the cooking more fun in many different ways. Most of these kitchen enthusiasts just love upgrading their kitchens with new kitchen toys: knifes, forks, blenders, mixers, cookware and various small tools and appliances. And each time they want to order small appliances in Australia, they are thinking: “Should I check the store or order online? What’s best?” Well, let’s find out the answer for their doubt.


Although the number of people who prefer online shopping is large, when it comes to buying expensive home gadgets, majority feel more confident buying from a store. Moreover, not many tend to compare the prices of particular small kitchen appliances in the store and online. You may find an appliance you’ve been planning to purchase, greatly discounted online which will save you a lot of money. Even with a shipping cost included, when ordering appliances online, the chances are you’ll get a better deal. Mainly because of the fierce online competition between retailers. Unlike traditional, online shopping offers a more convenient way of comparing prices.

In addition to convenient price comparison, ordering online provides more satisfying results? Why? Because once you find a reliable online supplier, you can specify what you are looking for, what features do you want your appliance to have, brand, price and then check if there are products that meet your requirements. This convenient feature is not available in stores. The biggest advantage of offline purchasing is that you can negotiate for a lower price. If you cannot lower the price, ask for a discount, free shipping or a warranty at least.


When buying small kitchen appliances, online or offline, the most important factor to consider is the timing. Kitchen appliance stores discount their products during holidays, on weekends and sometimes have clearance sales at the end of the month. On the other hand, online kitchen appliance shops offer big discounts more often and also send exclusive offers via e-mail.

If you want to make a great deal on your appliance purchase, don’t make an impulse decision. Specify what exactly you are looking for. If purchasing small kitchen appliances online, the chances of making an impulse purchase are smaller, since the purchasing process includes few steps. With online shopping, people usually struggle to recreate a sudden temptation and an instant reaction, which characterizes an impulse buy. Therefore, to avoid impulse buying, order small appliances Australia or foreign brands online.