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Investing in Kitchen Cabinets vs Bathroom Cabinets

Kitchen vs Bathroom cabinets

A decision to renovate you house has been made. You managed to put some money on a side for this project yet you are still on a tight budget. The biggest debate you are having with your husband is whether you should invest in bathroom cabinets as much as you plan to do with your kitchen ones. Aside from putting new tiles, sink and faucets you plan to update your washer and drier which leaves little money for fancy bathroom cabinets. Your husband is assuring you that bathroom cabinets should not be top quality or as durable as your new custom made kitchen cabinets. More importantly, you’d have to take a higher loan and making monthly payments will definitely be a struggle. Still not sure what to do? We’ll elaborate on pros and cons and hopefully help you decide.


Kitchen is believed to be a heart of a home. A great percentage of us spend most of our time in the kitchen especially if you are fan of cooking and baking. Did you ever count how many times you have opened those cabinets’ door and slammed on them in one cooking? In addition, there is a constant vapor from boiling soups and stews, hot oil splashing from frying and numerous accidental spills, smudges and splashes. Therefore, kitchen cabinets must be made of top quality material which is extremely durable and resistant to numerous harsh elements of cooking, baking or any kitchen activity for that matter. This is why it is a smart move to invest in kitchen cabinets. Many kitchen cabinets makers offer a great selection on various materials, designs, styles, finishes and colors which will make you decide easily on what suits you, your family and your home the best.


On the other hand, bathroom cabinets do not endure as much ‘beating’ as kitchen cabinets do. Yes, there is a potential for damp because of shower steam but with a good ventilation system installed and regular cleaning this is a problem that is easily avoidable. Moreover, a fancy cabinets will most likely take up a lot of your bathroom space leaving a feeling of tightness. And while bathroom cabinets Melbourne come in variety of designs, material, colors and styles, they also come with a high price tag. Instead, you can get a nice shelf and few decorative baskets and have your towels and bath accessories stored for a fraction of a money. With additional few decorative details, your bathroom can be the zen place of your house.

Well, have you come to a conclusion in this though debate whether you should invest in kitchen cabinets vs. bathroom ones. Kitchen it is. And given the fact that you will spend more time in your kitchen than you will in your bathroom, choose the best kitchen cabinets Melbourne and enjoy your newly renovated home.


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