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Hot Tubs: Luxuriously Large or Comfortably Compact

There are many reasons to consider buying a jacuzzi to install in your own home since it can be used to relax in and take away some stress from your body or for hydrotherapy. But the question is which type should you get? Should you keep it simple and try not to overreach both in terms of available space and finances and get a more compact one, or is it better to splurge a bit more than you would normally and get a luxury sized one?

Hot Tub

Now, if you decide to buy a jacuzzi, then you are already prepared to spend a bit more money than you would on a regular bathtub, but the question is how much exactly? While the larger models do have other advantages over the smaller ones, their economy is definitely not one of them. The problem really isn’t even that they are more expensive to buy, but rather that they have much higher running costs, on top of what it would cost a lot more to maintain or if necessary fix them.

While we are on the subject of maintenance and hot tub repair, it is understandable that certain items cost more to fix than others, if nothing else then simply because special training is required in order to know how to fix them. Of course this also means that if it ever breaks down, the hot tub repair will have to be done by a well trained professional as well. And while there is no evidence that a bigger jacuzzi would break more often than a smaller one, its larger size means more components and that means more items that could potentially fail and would need to be replaced.

However, despite how a larger model is admittedly the costlier option, the area in which it completely eclipses the smaller one is unsurprisingly in its size. But, its larger frame isn’t only for show, and it provides a few perks that you could only get from the extra space. One would be the number of jets that could be placed in more places in order to strengthen the function of the jacuzzi, as well as the effect you get from sitting in it. And not only does more space mean that more people can fit in at one time, but they will feel much more comfortable than if they tried to cram themselves into a smaller sized hot tub.

Ultimately, the type of hot tub you decide on should have a lot to do with what you plan to mainly use it for. If you need it for therapeutic purposes, then a smaller one is all you really need. But if you are planning on entertaining guests, then the larger model is the one for you.