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Heater Vs. Wood-Burning Stove: The Heating Choice for the Upcoming Winter


Don’t you just love summer? Australian summer can be unbearable with all the heat and creepy crawlies, and yet when you’re an Aussie, you consider them part of the charm of this season. However, just because it’s summer it doesn’t mean we don’t have to prepare for the long cold days of winter already. Same as we are concerned with cooling now, we should be concerned with heating in the upcoming winter months.

Energy efficiency is one of the main problems of homes considering the primary money-drainer are cooling and heating costs and this doesn’t affect your wallet only, but the environment as well. Apart from properly insulating your home and eliminating the chance for air leaks, checked with a proper thermographic inspection, making prudent decisions regarding the cooling and heating options are also essential. When speaking of cold autumn and winter days, do you find wood-burning stoves or heaters for sale to be the better choice? Comparing the two, you’d get to see what your home could benefit more of so read along.

Though it may sound like more of an initial investment, the variety of heaters proves otherwise. Despite there being many options that work on gas, electric ones are the more affordable choice and ideal for smaller spaces, such as bathrooms which can be a nuisance to heat up in winter. Models of heaters for sale you’d find nowadays come with extra properties. For instance, certain ones work in quiet operation mode and come with fans as well, projecting the hot air from the infrared lamps, including adaptable remote control. Having a fan means these heaters are much more powerful as they can project the heat throughout the room, plus they’re compact and portable.

When it comes to wood-burning stoves, the heat they generate is on a large scale and can be the cheaper option, particularly if you have the chance to have firewood access and supplies. However, wood-burning stoves can’t be placed just about anywhere or any room, considering the combustion gases they produce require the installation of a chimney which can be quite expensive and the smoke pollutes the environment. You also have to do your bit of work regarding maintaining the fire burning, and disposing of the ash so you’d get more chores on the list. All things considered, if you want the heat at the convenient price without all the maintenance, your home could do with the help of a heater.