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Difference Between Stem Mount & Cord-Hung Pendant Lights

Lighting up your home can be a very challenging and fun activity. The time you need to spend considering how it should be done largely depends on the fact whether you want the set up to be temporary and removable at any needed time, or you want it to be a permanent one. Plus, the needed time also depends on the look you are after and the existing surroundings.


When it comes to lighting pendants, there are two main categories: stem mount and cord-hung pendant lights. The main and most obvious difference between the two is their mobility. Stem mount lighting pendants can be fixed in the wanted position, whereas the cord hung can be moved very easily. This mainly depends on your taste, whether you want a more fixed or loose appearance.


  • Cord hung pendant lights come in numerous lengths, starting from two to eight feet. The longer they are, the easier the adjustment. The location is entirely up to you and your preferences. The styling rule for this type of lighting pendants? The more-the-merrier. Arranging them one next to another in order to light up a prominent space in your kitchen, for instance, is usually the way to go with these lighting pendants.
  • Stem mount light fixtures, on the other hand, comprise a metal pipe instead of a cord. The pipe is electrically wired on the inside and this allows it to be also used indoors since humidity cannot cause damage. If you decide to opt for stem mount light fixtures, first of all, make sure that you have found the right item and the right location. This is very important as mobility is not one of the perks that these lighting pendants offer. Choosing a stem mount with a longer length of the metal pipe is very recommendable, and the most common place for their set up is the front porch.

The popular industrial style can also be achieved through the usage of cord hung pendant lights, and this technique is called, “swag lighting”. The functionality and the fun look derived from the swag lighting are truly a common attraction these days, especially if the surroundings allow enough for the industrial feel to kick in and give a very modern and chic vibe to the place. The links of these light are quite easy to hook, but the looser and unfinished the look, the better the industrial vibe.