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Comparing the Different Types of Bicycle Storage Sheds

Everyone wants the best for their bicycle but not everyone has what’s necessary to take care after their two-wheeler. This sometimes means having to leave your bike outside exposed to the elements. Over time, leaving your bicycle exposed like that can take its toll as rain and snow increase the chances of rust forming increase. Even if your bicycle doesn’t accumulate rust, other components will eventually start to fail as no lubrication will be present.


This is especially the case if you are not going to be using your bike for a long period of time. Bolts can seize up and eventually corrode and bearings will start to break down or congeal. The cables can corrode too and plastic parts can degrade from being exposed to the sun. This is where a proper storage solution can save the day, or rather your bicycle.

Benefits of Bike Sheds


Prying eyes won’t be your worry with a proper bike storage such as sheds. With the right type of bicycle sheds storage outdoor conditions and hazards won’t have an affect on your bicycle. Often a bike storage shed comes with locks and it can be reinforced with steel frames.


Your bicycle won’t just be safe from thieves – the sun, rain, wind and snow also won’t come near it when you keep it in a shed. With a bicycle shed your bike will be ready to go at any time since you won’t have to clean it from fallen leaves or water droplets every morning.

Will a Bike Rust in a Shed?

A bike will rust no matter if it’s kept inside or outside (if certain conditions for the process of oxidation are met, that is). That being said, a shed can provide better protection and delay the formation of rust but if you don’t do regular maintenance, rust will occur anyways.

How Do I Stop My Bike from Rusting in My Shed?


To avoid rust forming on your bicycle make sure you lubricate the chain and dry your bike properly before you store it in a shed. It also helps if you install insulation inside the shed as it helps prevent condensation.


What makes opting for bicycle sheds storage outdoor convenient is the easy access to your bicycle by having a place that’s dedicated just for it. This way you can have all your tools and bicycle accessories together in one place. You can place a bike storage shed wherever you want and make it so that your bike is easy to get too.

Comparing Bike Shed Materials


With metal bike sheds you can go with steel, aluminium or iron. They are a sturdy and long-lasting solution that provides the best form of protection form both the elements and thieves. Metal bike sheds are both insect and fireproof as well as being able to withstand mold, fungus and moss growth.
Plastic, vinyl or high-density polyethylene sheds are known as resin bike sheds. They are a lightweight option that unlike metal sheds requires very little maintenance. Resin sheds are also the most affordable and extremely easy to install too. Whilst you don’t get the level of protection metal sheds offer, resin sheds are still a strong structure that makes for a great alternative to wood.



Wooden bicycle sheds are a conventional option that is also the most customizable. Whilst they are more expensive than resin sheds, wooden sheds provide a great appeal for your garden. But keep in mind that you will have to treat the wood in order to keep the shed in top condition and safe from harsh weathers, insects, water and rot.

Comparing Bike Shed Flooring



The most durable and stable shed floor that will hold up against anything you put on it is a concrete slab. Concrete allows you to rest assured that no water or wood eating bugs will affect the stability of the shed. A concrete slab also requires the least amount of maintenance. Whilst it doesn’t have an appealing look, it serves its main purpose well.


For a more aesthetically pleasing look, pavers are a great alternative to concrete. Pavers still provide a superb level of strength but other than that they don’t have much else to offer. They are prone to sinking or migrating and can get more easily damaged than concrete. Cracks, chips and stains are to be expected with a paver floor.


Pressure-treated plywood flooring is more forgiving on the feet and knees, but it is not as nearly as strong as a paver or concrete floor. Whilst it is more attractive than the two, plywood has a bit of a give when you walk on it and it is also prone to rot. Like paver flooring plywood is also prone to chips, and gauges.

How High Should Shed be off Ground?

The bottom of your bicycle shed should be at least 10 cm off the ground. This allows for better air circulation underneath the shed.