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Celebrity Vs. Designer Fragrances


The popular debate topic in the world of beauty is whether there is a difference between celebrity and designer perfumes. More and more celebrities decide to try their luck in the fragrance world and launch various perfumes that are perfect for some people, but low in quality for others. Whether a perfume is good or not depends mostly on personal taste rather than on a brand. There are many celebrity fragrances that can stand right next to the popular designer houses. Thus, it is difficult to tell whether there are any significant differences between celebrity and designer fragrances.

For many celebrity fragrances, the nose behind the scent is the same person that creates perfumes for popular designer houses. Also, majority of designers hire celebrities to promote their perfumes. They use the name and the face of certain celebrity to reach a wider audience and to popularize the product faster. So, for some designer perfumes, if it isn’t for the celebrities, they would never gain the recognition they have. In other word, all those who steer away from celebrity perfumes and look down on them, if it wasn’t for the celebrities they would probably not purchase the majority of the perfumes they own. Doesn’t this look like a double standard to you.

So, the only answer to the question ‘Why are designer fragrances considered better?’ would be because the celebrities have not yet established a prominent names for themselves in the fragrance and beauty industry. It has nothing to do with the quality. As we mentioned before, many celebrity perfumes are created by famous perfume makers that are also responsible for the creation of some of the more popular designer fragrances. Thus, celebrity perfumes are as good as designer ones. And they are cheaper too. Yes, for the price of one designer fragrance you can get about two celebrity perfumes. How awesome is that!

In addition, if you buy fragrances online, you will save more. Because celebrity fragrances are not as popular as designer ones, many online perfume shops offer celebrity perfume at discounted prices. Therefore, turn on your computer, search for perfumes in your favorite browser and buy fragrances online. Just be careful of the scams. Many claim they sell genuine perfumes, but this a false statement. For this reason, make sure you choose a reliable perfume shop before you buy fragrances online. Learn how long the online perfume shop has been in the business, read customer reviews and get familiar with the return and shipping policies. If the perfume shop has high customer ranking, by all means take advantage of discounted celebrity perfumes and buy fragrances online.


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