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Hugo Boss Perfume Vs. Paco Rabanne Perfume

Are you looking to buy new perfume, but are having a hard time choosing the right one? Should you go with a floral or fruity scent or maybe choose something muskier? Buying scent that fits your personal preferences takes time, but is worth it. To make this process easier on yourself, make a list of your favorite scents. If certain scent appeals to you, then opt for a perfume that contains similar notes. There are many designers perfume out there that you can choose from such as DKNY, Chanel, Hugo Boss perfume, Chloe, Paco Rabanne perfume, etc.

But, brand is not the most important factor. Consider your personality and lifestyle. If you wear little makeup, choose a clean and fresh scent. If you love wearing something glamorous, choose a fragrance that matches your glamorous lifestyle. The point is to choose the perfume that will represents you in the best way. If you are not sure about certain fragrance, ask a friend for help and opinion. Or simply, go with one of our suggestions of some of the best fragrances available on the market.


Hugo Boss Perfume Collection  – Since 1993, Hugo Boss has been know as the leader in fragrance industry. The Hugo Boss perfume division created brand’s first perfume in 1993, in a partnership with Procter and Gamble. Today, the Hugo Boss perfume collection covers three major demographics: women who look for the classic in the modern, men and the younger generation. Hugo Boss was and still is a brand that offers up-to-date options continuously to its clients. From the huge range of fragrances in Hugo Boss perfume line, you can choose exotic and soft Boss Femme, light, simple and clean Hugo Woman, or the sensual and modern Deep Red. For men, there are an oriental and woody Boss No.6, the aromatic Boss Bottled Night, and the energizing Hugo Energise.


Paco Rabanne Perfume Collection  – Paco Rabanne is a Spanish designer who was born in France. The full name of Paco is Francisco “Paco” Rabaneda Cuervo and instead of preparing himself for the life in the world of fashion, he was studied to be an architect. His knowledge in architecture has made him more innovative and eccentric compared to other designers. He even implemented paper and metal into his clothing designs. These characteristics are also represented in Paco Rabanne perfume line. The designer is known for creating exciting perfumes for women and men. In Paco Rabanne perfume collection, you can find the oriental and floral perfume for women Balck L’exces, the sensual, powerful and seductive Lady Million, the refreshing Xs Pour Elle and sensual and irresistible Ultraviolet. The Paco Rabanne perfume line for men features the harmonious 1 Million, a woody aromatic Black L’exces, the fresh Invictus and many more.